The Lion's Den Resource center is to help everyone regardless of race, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, and lifestyle, pursue personal happiness. Together, our community will provide education, build self-reliance and interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving to strengthen personal and professional relationships that promote harmony and productivity. As a result, we will reduce risk of abuse, violence, poverty, and broken relationships that stem from misunderstanding of self and others.

We believe access to sociological skill building is a health issue and is a basic human right.

We believe that everyone should have access to education that promotes positive interpersonal interactions that deal with conflict resolution, communication, and problem solving skills- regardless of an ability to pay for services.

We believe that community is responsible to provide proactive educational programming to reduce the risk of abuse, divorce, violence, etc. for the citizens it serves on a consistent and regular basis.

We are The LIon's Den Resource Center and we dare to create a better world, through education and support to become a reality.

Together, we have the Courage to make a Difference. The Lion is within you. © 2014 Kate Greene
As the CEO of The Lion's Den Health Network, I want to convey that we are agency of change. We realize that we must first model values before we can teach them. Our ultimate vision is to provide people with an alternative proactive coaching-style approach to mental health care. We are value based: Loyalty - Integrity - Openness - Nobility.

Our collaborate partners and volunteers seek to help all people in all communities to have access to life changing information regarding brain science, self-awareness, interpersonal communication skill-building, conflict resolution and problem solving tools. We believe character development and attaining maturity are the ultimate goals to achieving greater success in life personally and professionally..

"We have the Courage to make a difference." The LIon is within you. © 2014 Kate Greene
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