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While relishing memorable safari trips in the Kruger National Park (KNP), at some point you may wish to relish some other activities within the region. There is a wide range of activities to be tried when you are in this world famous safari park. Let’s find out some of the popular options

Guided bush walk: Nothing can offer you an adventure quite like ambling in the Kruger National Park. You’ll enjoy a walking tour alongside experienced guides. The objective of the walk is to learn & admire the elaborated details of the nature enclosing you. Once you find your sense been activated, you can tune into all the sounds, sights and fragrances that one usually doesn’t get to experience in a safari van.


Bird Watching: Bird watching is, in fact, the most popular activity in the KNP, mostly because of the huge selection of birds. Bird species are in plenty all through the park but the Northern region of the park is especially favored. Some of the bird species you will find here can’t be seen anywhere else in South Africa.

The KNP presently has 11 bird hides to pick from & more than 226 diverse bird species have been spotted. The park is also home to some rare bird species like Saddle-billed Stork, Southern Ground-Hornbill, Lappet-faced Vulture, Grey-headed Parrot, Martial Eagle, Kori Bustard, White-backed Vulture, Senegal Lapwing, and Thrush Nightingale among others.

Play Golf: The KNP features 4 courses for you to try your golfing skills a fantastic activity on your  Africa Safari . These golf courses are the Leopard Creek golf course, the Sabie River golf course, Skukuza and the Hans Merensky golf course respectively. As the National Park relishes a sub-tropical weather, gold is best played in the colder months of winter. This’s an excellent chance to get close with wildlife while relishing 18 holes.

Mountain Bike Trails: Swapping 4 wheels for 2 may be a smart option. The most esteemed trails can be discovered at Olifants Camp where you’ll be provided with all the tools required. Different mountain biking trails are accessible relying on your skills & fitness level.

While these are some of the best activities to try besides a great Kruger National Park safari, there are plenty more activities to try as well. Rest assured that there’ll be something for everybody to try in the Kruger National Park.

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