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Welcome to the second edition of our mixed media jewelry series.  This time around, Karla explains how to make a wrap bracelet using scraps of fabric – in this case, a pair of worn out old jeans.

So… Before you throw out your worn out jeans or your child’s outgrown ones, take a look at what you could use them for! My sister and I came up with many uses for worn jeans, this is just one idea. I took the top stitched seam from the leg and turned it into the ever so popular wrap bracelet. It is so simple and takes just a few supplies and tools:



  1. Simply cut the seam from the jeans.  Be sure and measure the width of the ribbon clamp or terminator so you will know how wide to cut the denim. I leave the serged edge intact.

  2. I cut the length about 13 ½” for a double wrap, keep in mind that you will be adding length with the toggle clasp too.

  3. Fray the edges of the denim with the tweezers by picking the warp threads thus creating a “fringe”.  Trim to desired length.

  4. Using the Ribbon clamps place the “teeth” side to the back of the seam end and carefully close with the flat nose pliers.  Use a piece of fabric or leather if desired to keep from marring the finding.

  5. Repeat for the other end.

  6. Using a couple of jump rings add the toggle clasp to the ribbon clamps and a charm to complete your upcycled fashion!

I hope you enjoyed my ecoFashion…I find myself looking at everything twice before I throw it away…never know what you can come up with until you stop and open your mind to using unconventional materials along with the usual!

Karla Schafer, Designer for Auntie’s Beads


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