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You have made your custom jewelry pieces, now you are ready to put yourself out there and sell!  Are you prepared to have the most attractive display to draw people to your table?  There is an art about this.  If you think display is unimportant, your sales will not be optimized, and your neighbor, who did plan the display, will take your customers. Location, location, location, the #1 rule in real estate.  Presentation, presentation, presentation, the #1 rule in selling.  So, let’s talk about your presentation.

A table covering, boxes and props of differing heights and a lamp all work together to make a pretty and inviting jewelry display.

A table covering, boxes and props of differing heights and a lamp all work together to make a pretty and inviting jewelry display.

Add Height

Open any magazine; I opened All Recipes just now.  Yes, a cooking magazine.  But, presentation for selling is Universal.  What do you notice?  The first thing should be height.  You must have height in the back of your display to draw the eyes across the table to the back.  I once was given a very tiny space at a craft show in which I was only able to have 1 small card table.  To optimize my space, I got a 6′ wooden ladder, spray painted it light green, and put it behind my card table.  On the top 4 steps, I displayed jewelry, using props like candle sticks and jars to lay my pieces on.  I also put cup hooks  on the front to hang some pieces.  If you can put cup hooks on it or hang pieces on it, it can be a display! I love to browse places like TJ Maxx, Ross and even Thrift Stores to grab-up display items.  Use your imagination, you never know where that will lead!

Use Color

Next, put like colors together.   You don’t have to use the Color Wheel, just group your colors in an organized manner.  Color management is very pleasing to the eye and will encourage customers to browse your booth. At craft shows, I always covered my table with a table cloth or sheet of some kind.  Just like a good background is imperative in photography, it is also in jewelry display.  Stay away from busy patterns; you want your pieces to be the focus.  Choose dark colors that will make your jewelry the center of attention.

 Add Props

Try very hard to drape your jewelry on props instead of laying it flat on the table.  This gives your jewelry dimension and invites your customers to pick it up and look it over.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money for your props if you use your imagination. Just sitting here at my desk, I see a small picture frame.  I could drape at least 4 pieces of jewelry on the the frame PLUS I have height!  I also see a small wire basket with prongs on the top, perfect for hanging bracelets.  I see a 2′ long gecko piece that I picked up at T Maxx years ago, perfect for jewelry display.  You get the idea!

Use Light

The last suggestion I have for you is, don’t forget light!  At times, craft shows will ask you to pay for electricity to be supplied to your area.  It is totally worth it!  Illumination is the last key in awesome jewelry presentation.  Lamps are easy to get in and out of your vehicle, and easy to set on your table.  Don’t invest in sterile, professional lighting.  Keep your display warm and inviting.  Choose a small to medium size lamp that is pleasing to the eye but not so eye catching as to distract from your jewelry.

These suggestions are tools in helping you grow your business, based on my 20 year career in jewelry making.  They have worked well for me and hope you will find them useful as well!  As always, I welcome your feedback in the comments section below!



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