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Hep C Testing Fort Lauderdale options are now available at no cost for drug rehabs in south Florida. In this article you will get contact information on a resource to provide this service for FREE to your addiction treatment center clients. If you are an individual, you can also use the contact in this article to get FREE and low co-pay (usually $5) medication. This is great news considering that 60% Intravenous drug users have Hep C. Many people suffering from drug abuse have thought, “I think I’ve got Hep. C”.

According to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), 2.7–3.9 million people are living with HCV in the United States. Amazingly, deaths from hepatitis C now EXCEED deaths from the HIV/AIDS virus! This is increasingly common incidence of this disease and its impacting on my patient population as well as the recovery community. We are educating the entire community by discussing symptoms, transmission, diagnosis, and treatment of the hepatitis C virus.

Hep C Testing Fort Lauderdale Explains the Disease and Treatment

Hepatitis C is a viral liver disease, currently the most common blood borne infection in the United States. That is why the Hep C Testing Fort Lauderdale FREE option was started. It is much more contagious and transmissible than other similar infectious agents. Hepatitis C infection can be either acute or chronic.  Acute hepatitis C is oftentimes without symptoms and patients progress to chronic infection completely unaware of their exposure to the virus. Therefore, so many patients are surprised when they test positive.  Less commonly, symptoms of acute infection may include;

  • Jaundice
  • abdominal pain
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • impressively elevated liver function tests on blood work

After acute exposure to the hepatitis C virus, approximately 75-85% of patients go on to become chronically infected with the virus, and these are the patients for whom treatment is considered. The need for hep c testing Fort Lauderdale is extensive. In face, West Palm Beach and Miami also have underserved this population.

Detecting Hep C in Addiction Treatment

Hep C Testing Fort Lauderdale is greatly needed. Hepatitis C is extremely contagious and spreads primarily through blood exposure.  This includes our patients who suffer from the disease of addiction and who share needles, spoons, cotton, water, or any other injection equipment. It also includes, those who share other drug paraphernalia such as snorting straws, with a person who has hepatitis C.  Sexual transmission is also possible but thought to be unusual.

Opiate Detox West Palm Beach Drug Users Vs Hep C

There are a lot of opiate detox West Palm Beach options out there. However, almost all of them do not check for hepatitis C. That is why the Tampa Family Pharmacy wanted to get the 340b grant that pays for the testing and medications. While they provide hep c testing Fort Lauderdale options, they also cover all of south Florida. The importance of diagnosing and treating chronic hepatitis C is to hopefully avoid the two most important risks of the disease; cirrhosis/liver failure, and liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma). The diagnosis of hepatitis C is made from bloodwork performed on a patient.

Screening bloodwork to test for hepatitis C detects the body’s immune system’s response to the virus. It is the antibody that is first detected when somebody “tests positive” for hepatitis C.  The test will confirm the fact that the patient’s body has “seen” the virus at some point in the past.

Hep C Treatment and Testing

%Drug Rehab SEO Hep C Testing Fort Lauderdale by #1 Drug Rehabs Can Be Free

Hep C testing Fort Lauderdale program explains the treatment process.

The next step in the hep c testing Fort Lauderdale program is to perform a hepatitis C viral load and genotype test. A positive viral load confirms the actual presence of hepatitis C virus in the patient’s blood. This quantifies how much virus is present. While the genotype tells us what type of hepatitis C infection we are dealing with (six main types), and this is important for determining the most effective treatment regimen.

It is important to note that most patients whose immune systems naturally “clear” the acute hepatitis C viral infection on their own (15 and 25% of patients) do so within the first six months of infection. Therefore, physicians will monitor viral loads at six months following first detection to give patients a chance to clear the infection on their own.  If at six months there is still a positive viral load (active infection), treatment is considered.  Again, approximately 75-85% of people will go on to develop chronic infection and will need to consider treatment. If you are a drug rehab you need to get this hep C testing Fort Lauderdale program now before the grant runs out.

Drug Rehabs Fort Lauderdale Can Provide Free Assessment and Medication for Hep C

%Drug Rehab SEO Hep C Testing Fort Lauderdale by #1 Drug Rehabs Can Be Free

Drug rehabs in Fort Lauderdale can now provide free testing including no and low-cost medications for their clients. A leading Florida pharmacy specializing in Hep C, STD, and HIV treatment. can procue free or low cost treatment for HEP C, HIV and STD’s. This includes testing and medications. They seek to remove all barriers to care for patients with any STDs. Now they are focused on partnering with south Florida drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers to help this underserved population. Their Hep C Fort Lauderdale Treatment includes some of the following items.

  • Complete follow through on the guidelines for acceptance with all STD medications
  • Help finding the right local grants to drastically reduce or eliminate copays on medications.
  • Complete training for drug rehabs Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami on the labs that are required to get free or low copay medications.
  • Work with drug rehabs Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami to provide a detailed treatment plan.

Addiction conferences by Behavioral Health Network Resources Features FREE HEP Treatment and Medications

%Drug Rehab SEO Hep C Testing Fort Lauderdale by #1 Drug Rehabs Can Be Free

Behavioral Health Network Resources live addiction conferences EMP series in 2021 is on June 29th and features information on HEP for rehabs. This much anticipated live addiction conferences series will feature the following thought leader presentations.

  • Atkins and Associates – How to increase revenue cycle management?
  • Integrity billing – How to maximize substance abuse billing?
  • Lucemyra – Non-addictive opiate withdrawal medication that can also be used to get off subs
  • Learn how to get NAADAC certification for mindful recovery by the Mindful Recovery Coach
  • CAN Community Heath – How to get FREE Hep C testing and treatment (including meds) for addiction treatment centers?
  • Get Linked for Addiction Professionals – Secrets and tricks on maximizing LinkedIn for addiction professionals

Hep C Treatment Fort Lauderdale Program has a 99% success Rate

The Hep C testing Drug Rehabs Fort Lauderdale treatment program has a 99% success rate. The 340b program was created to financially assist in the treatment of patients with STD’s. It is designed to get rid of all barriers to getting drug and alcohol rehabilitation patient cured. Some of these barriers may include the following.

  • obtaining diagnostic tests
  • medical care
  • medication for STD’s

This is great news for drug rehabs because they can provide this much needed underserved population this service for FREE. Again, this program started with hep c testing Fort Lauderdale and now is available to all drug rehabs in South Florida. It also means they will no longer be putting their entire population at risk. This is because most addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers have a large population of heroin users. It should be standard protocol to test every client for Hep C. Especially since the insurance companies will pay for this service.

Tampa Family Pharmacy Can Get Drug Rehabs in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale and South Florida Free Hep C Treatment

Hep C testing Fort Lauderdale and treatment (including paid medications) is now available. If you are treatment center call Tampa Family Pharmacy representative, Saril Vasquez at 561-578-1389 to start providing this service to your addiction treatment centers clients at no cost to the treatment center or its clients. Every drug and alcohol addiction treatment center should be on boarding this service. Consider this, 60-70% of intravenous drug users that are currently infected with Hep C.

This is a highly contagious disease with the CDC recommending many in the US get tested. A large portion of drug rehab clients could potential be infected. Thus, this puts the entire center at risk legally and morally if left undetected. Tampa Family Pharmacy is doing much more than providing a hep c testing Fort Lauderdale solution. The entire program id for all of south Florida and has no costs for the rehab or its clients. There are many advantages for drug rehabs in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami.

More Than a Hep C Treatment Fort Lauderdale Option

Hep C testing Fort Lauderdale was the first step. Tampa Family Pharmacy can help in all of South Florida. Whether it’s West Palm Beach or Miami they can help. There is absolutely no reason that every drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in South Florida should not be providing this service. Drug rehabs benefit in the following ways, but more importantly they are morally obligated to provide this service.

  • The hep C testing Fort Lauderdale program is a new revenue stream for the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in all of south Florida.
  • Drug rehabs Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami can now provide Hep C screening and treatment including medications at no charge.
  • By providing Hep C treatment the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers have another reason to stay in touch with their clients. This will help get them back in case of any relapse.
  • This hep c testing Fort Lauderdale treatment could eliminate the risk of contamination to staff and the drug rehabs clients.
  • The added service of educating their clients. Tampa Family Pharmacy has a detailed step by step process from labs to complete compliance under the 3
  • The hep C testing Fort Lauderdale 340b program covers West Palm Beach and Miami.

Debunking Hep C Treatment is Expensive

The Hep C testing Fort Lauderdale and treatment program has destroyed the notion that Hep C treatment is expensive. The 340b grant program has opened free and low co-pay (usually $5) for hepatitis C treatment. New medications now have a success rate of 99%.

To date there are several newer oral medications with remarkable success rates. The medication used depends on the evaluation of the infection for each individual. These have low side effects with a remarkable cure rate. The largest barrier has always been the traditional high cost of the medication and assessment process. This all has been eliminated for drug rehabs in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami. It also is available for any individual who is not currently getting treated for drug and alcohol abuse.

Free Hep C Treatment Fort Lauderdale, Drug Rehabs West Palm Beach and Miami for Opiate Detox Centers 

%Drug Rehab SEO Hep C Testing Fort Lauderdale by #1 Drug Rehabs Can Be Free

Hep C testing Fort Lauderdale and treatment (no cost to the treatment center or its’ clients) options are now a reality. Tampa Family Pharmacy has eliminated inconvenient specialist referrals. They can also help drug rehabs in South Florida with their clients transportation issues.

They are very proud to provide this service to drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers at no cost. If you are a drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehabilitation center there is no reason not to test and treatment all you patients for Hep C. If you are an individual that is not attending a drug rehab you will also qualify for this service. Remember the CDC recommends that many get tested for Hep C. So whether you’re a treatment center or an individual you should call Tampa Family Pharmacy representative Saril Vasquez at 813-871-5161 Ext 34263.  She can get you into the 340b grant program and you can be Hep C free in a short period of time with no out of pocket expenses.

If you want to get connected with13,000 drug and alcohol addiction professionals just click on this link. This is one of the most active addiction groups on the internet. It has treatment centers, professionals and individuals seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment information.

Get educated on ethical business and marketing practices at Behavioral Health Network Resources addiction conferences EMP series.

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