Just imagine you wake up on a wintery morning only to find both your home & shower cold. Though this isn’t happened for the first time in your life, but this time your boiler or heating system won’t fire up at all.

If this sounds quite familiar to you & your boiler system keeps breaking down quite regularly, this isn’t fun at all.

Most of us take our heating systems for granted, but when they malfunction they cause all sorts of problems for the whole family.

So the question here is should you replace or repair your defective heating system.

Being a leading service provider of professional boiler repair in Camberwell here we have compiled a few questions that you should ask yourself to better understand whether you need repair or replacement.


For how long you’ve been using your boiler?

Before opting for boiler repair, it’s wise to do some investigations to make sure where parts are still available or not. After ten years most boiler makers tend to discontinue spares & accessories on some boiler models.

You also need to consider whether your boiler is more than 10 years old, it mayn’t be as effective as a new boiler in offering hot water because of its age, could cost you far more in the coming days to run or keep repairing.


How much the repairing work is going to cost you?

Some boiler repairs can run into many hundreds of dollars, but in comparison to the expense of a brand new boiler system, it can look a lot less. You should ask yourself if your repair & further costs arise is it going to more fiscally viable to replace.

Has your boiler system always been dependable?

You must evaluate the general state of the boiler & the central heating unit when having a repair, as you don’t wish the expenditure of repair on your existing heating system ever couple of months. Plus it is stressful & you will have to take time off work & wait for a repairman to arrive.

Obviously, having a new boiler system installed can be an expensive task, but if you take it as a long term investment you can save thousands of dollars on energy bills & repairs. Call Boiler Repairs Plus Parts whether you are looking for boiler replacement or boiler repair service in Camberwell. Our engineers are fully experienced and trained to install and repair boiler of any make or model.

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