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CHS Volleyball Booster Club Presents



Friday, May 17, 2019

MS Division: 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

HS Division: 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

@ Coppell Sports Garden – 1849 Belt Line Road

Register here to play in our annual 6-on-6 sand volleyball tournament!!!


Team Registration:Your team captain must register your team online (link on back of page).

  • CISD students (grades 6th-12th), alumni, & faculty are invited to participate (6th-8th will play in the middle school division, 9th-12th + alumni/faculty will play in the high school division).

  • Each team can consist of 8-10 players with any combination of males and females.  

  • Only 2 Varsity, JV or Freshman (played 2018 season or alumni) girls from any high school volleyball program can be on a team.  Violation of this rule will result in the team being disqualified from play with no refund.

  • Only 3 volleyball players (played 2018 season) from any middle school volleyball program can be on a team.  Violation of this rule will result in the team being disqualified from play with no refund.

  • Students from other schools are allowed to participate on a team with at least 1 CISD student on their team.


Individual Registration:All individuals participating in the tournament must register/pay and complete a waiver to participate online (link on back of page).


Entry Fee: $30/person (includes tournament play and tournament shirt)


Entry Deadline:  Monday, May 13th


Rules of the Day:

  • All players must wear a shirt – no bathing suits, sports bras or bare chests allowed.  

  • Outside food/drinks are NOT allowed at Coppell Sports Garden - bags will be checked upon entry to the establishment and all food/drinks will be confiscated.  Players are asked to bring an empty water bottle - you will be able to fill it up with water throughout the day or purchase drinks.  Sports Garden will also have food items and snacks for sale.

  • Do not design team t-shirts until team name is approved.  Team names must be appropriate - Coach Price/CCVB Booster Club will email with confirmation of registration and approval of team name to the team captain.


Rules of Play:

  • There must be 6 players on the court at all times!  Players must rotate to all positions.

  • All substitutions must enter the game at the serving position when their team controls the serve.  

  • Teams can only play with original members on their roster.  Teams will be disqualified if they pick up extra players. If players must leave, leaving the team with less than 6 players, that team can play but forfeit the match and will not advance.

  • Scoring will be rally scoring with each serve counting as a point for the team that wins the rally.

  • Standard Volleyball Rules will apply. Referees will call obvious lifts, catches and touching the net, etc.  NO TOUCHING THE NET AT ALL TIMES WITH ANY PART OF THE BODY. Referee calls are final and not subject to appeal.  

  • Serves that hit the net but continue over into the opponent's playing area are considered good serves.

  • Time outs are 30 seconds.  Each team is allowed one timeout per game.  

  • Tournament shirts will be available for pick up by the team captain after your team has finished all play.

  • Rock/Paper/Scissors will be done at beginning of game – winner picks either serve/receive OR which side of court teams begin on.   

  • An award presentation will immediately follow the championship game!!!


Pool Play:  Each match will be 1 game to 25 points; first team to 25 points wins.  Do not have to win by 2 points. Each team will be assigned a CHS volleyball player/parent to ref during pool play.  


Bracket Play:  

  • Every team will qualify for bracket play. This is a single-elimination bracket. Teams are eliminated once they lose in bracket play.

  • 1st & 2nd Place teams from each pool qualify for the Gold Bracket.

  • 3rd & 4th Place teams will qualify for the Silver Bracket.

  • Pool standings will be determined by 1) match record; 2) points scored against.

  • Each match will be 1 game to 25 points; first team to 25 points wins.  Teams do not have to win by 2 points.


Spectators welcome - $5 per person admission




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