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DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

Welcome to 2015! For our first DFW Sunday Edition of the new year, we’ve rounded up stories from local contributors who are focused on health and wellness in their own lives and in the lives of others — even pets. We’ve also posted a new “Best Of” survey and need your help compiling a list of DFW’s best coffee shops. Read on to learn how to keep your weight loss resolution this year, how one man’s cancer diagnosis sparked a major lifestyle change, and more!

Top Stories of the Week

1. Cancer Survivor Loses Weight and Gains Healthy Lifestyle

When Jimmy Blunt was diagnosed with cancer, his only option was to fight back. After completing chemotherapy, he chose to fight back against another health issue in his life — his weight. Weighing more than 300 lbs., Jimmy decided to make a change, signing up for McKinney’s Fight Back 5K. He shed a phenomenal amount of weight and is now using events like Relay for Life and Fight Back 5K as a way to spread cancer awareness and maintain his healthy lifestyle. See how much weight Jimmy lost in his quest to get healthy: http://bubly.us/46Dk


2. “Meals on Wheels for Animals” Keeps Seniors And Pets Together

When seniors have trouble getting around, organizations like Meals on Wheels offer a hand to those in need. But what happens to seniors’ pets when their owner no longer has the means to care for them? That’s where SPAN, Seniors Pet Assistance Network, steps in. Sometimes called the “Meals on Wheels for Animals,” SPAN works with seniors who need assistance caring for their pet. See how you can help here: http://bubly.us/46Dj


3. How To Keep That New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

Did you know: The top New Year’s resolution for 2014 was to lose weight. Studies show that only about 8 percent of those who made a resolution to lose weight actually stick to it. Why? Park Cities mom and founder of StrongestMom.com Niccole Maurici explores how goal-setting can affect performance in weight loss and beyond and the steps to take in order to achieve your goals. Begin setting your own goals here: http://bubly.us/46Di


4. Why Working Out At Home Doesn’t (Always) Work

Have you ever found that when you plan to get in a workout at home, things just don’t go as planned? Maybe it’s the dryer buzzer interrupting your routine or the kids asking for a snack. Vibrant Yoga & Wellness’ Elana Levin shares her at-home workout hang ups and how she ensures a successful workout for herself. http://bubly.us/46Dh


5. Where’s Your Go-To Coffee Shop?

This month’s chilly temperatures have us seeking out a hot cup of coffee, and we need you to tell us the best place to get one in your community in this week’s “Best Of” BubbleLife survey. Click the link to learn how to vote for your favorite coffee shop! http://bubly.us/46Dg

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