Weekly Recaps
DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

This week, we’ve gathered up our favorite reader-submitted stories about a variety of topics, including recent earthquakes, middle school students who are working hard in the name of animal welfare, an executive director who is providing a community for adults with intellectual disabilities and, just for fun, a delicious dairy-free oatmeal cookie recipe. Read on for the full stories!

Top Stories of the Week

1. Supporting Special Needs In North Texas

As the executive director of North Texas Special Needs Assistance Network (SNAP), Brandy Schimmel manages the nonprofit organization created to provide a support network for adults (and their families) living with intellectual disabilities in the North Texas area. Currently serving more than 200 adults, Schimmel and her staff at North Texas SNAP work hard every day to offer SNAP members the support community they need to lead fulfilling lives. Learn how North Texas SNAP makes a difference here: http://bubly.us/4ErV


2. Local Students Featured On "Rachael Ray Show"

Meet the Community Problem Solvers of Heritage Middle School in Colleyville. Despite their young age, these students have joined together to tackle the tough issue of animal welfare in North Texas with their project, Promoting Animal Welfare (Project P.A.W.). Through comic books, a video and even a segment on the “Rachael Ray Show,” the Community Problem Solvers are educating the region on ways to reduce the number of pets surrendered by their owners to overcrowded local animal shelters. See their mascot, Tugg the bull terrier, in action here:http://bubly.us/4ErU


3. You Won’t Believe How Many Earthquakes North Texas Experienced Last Year

The recent earthquakes caused some concerns for residents across North Texas, but Bishop Dunne Catholic School in Oak Cliff is using these events as an educational opportunity. Al Hrubetz, a long-time supporter of Bishop Dunne and a retired geologist, has donated one of the two seismographs he owns to the science department to begin tracking earthquakes in our area. If current trends continue, Bishop Dunne science students will be busy! See the number of earthquakes reported in our area here: http://bubly.us/4ErT


4. Struggling With A “Muffin Top?” Learn How To Get Rid Of It!

Women, are you constantly battling the dreaded “muffin top?” As we age, our metabolism slows down, bringing about changes to the midsection, which is why it always seems that the muffin top is the first to show up and the last to leave you’re your weight fluctuates. University Park mom and founder of StrongestMom.com Niccole Maurici explains these midsection changes and the steps you can take combat the muffin top’s comeback. Learn more here: http://bubly.us/4ErW


5. RECIPE: Dairy-Free Oatmeal Cookies

If you or a family member has a dairy allergy or you’re just trying to cut dairy out of your diet, try this delicious dairy-free oatmeal cookie recipe from BubbleLife Publisher Saffie Farris. Learn the secret substitution for butter here: http://bubly.us/4ErS


Best Of BubbleLife Survey: We just wrapped up our most recent Best Of BubbleLife survey, where we asked you to share the best place to watch the Super Bowl. Today starts our newest Best Of BubbleLife survey, and we’re looking for the best…barbecue! Everyone in Texas has an opinion when it comes to barbecue, so we’re asking you to tell us the best place to get barbecue in your community. Look for the survey in your BubbleLife newsletter or go to the homepage of your BubbleLife site and click the “Best Of” tab to vote!

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