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DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

This week, the Metroplex revealed its heart for serving others. North Texas Giving Day raised $26.3 million for local charities, all in one day. And throughout the week, nonprofits and organizations were inspired to step up and share their touching stories.

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Top Stories of the Week

1. Local Celebrities Just Say YES

Avery Johnson, ESPN sportscaster, former NBA player and past Dallas Mavericks head coach, joined Gabe Salazar to support Just Say YES (Youth Equipped to Succeed) on North Texas Giving Day. Coach Johnson told his story of overcoming obstacles while growing up in the projects in New Orleans. Salazar shared how he survived struggles that included homelessness and gang influence. Read more about these mentors and Just Say YES in the article. http://bubly.us/34Qm


2. Providing HOPE To Families

The founder of Ragan’s HOPE, Delena Stuart Watson, knows the trials of having a sick child: her daughter underwent more than 50 surgeries before turning 15. This hardship inspired Watson to found Ragan’s HOPE, a nonprofit dedicated to helping families enduring medical issues. Learn more about this nonprofit, and read Ragan’s hopeful story, in the full article. http://bubly.us/34Qn


3. Uniting To Battle Blood Cancers

September is National Awareness Month for Blood Cancers like leukemia, lymphoma and sickle cell anemia. This month and throughout the year, several local organizations, including “Be The Match,” are working together to educate the public about bone marrow transplants and other treatments. See what you can do to combat cancer in the article. http://bubly.us/34Qo


4. Woodrow Wilson Foundation Shapes Leaders

As part of North Texas Giving Day, Woodrow Wilson Foundation raised $22,730 on Thursday. Recently, the foundation awarded more than two dozen scholarships to the class of 2014 and sent four Woodrow students to SMU’s Lyle Engineering School Summer Camp. Read more about Woodrow Wilson Foundation’s efforts in the story. http://bubly.us/34Qp

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