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DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

This week marked a significant occasion for students and parents alike: the first day of school. Between carpooling and sports practices, you may have missed the most important stories on BubbleLife. Read these articles to catch up before next week!

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Top Stories of the Week

1. Is Your Teen Moody Or Depressed?

"Facebook depression" is a growing epidemic among teenagers, contributing to chronic depression, eating disorders, anxiety and even suicide. Without enough friends, tagged pictures or “likes,” your child may feel dejected. Read this story to learn how to identify and prevent social media-induced depression among teenagers. http://bubly.us/2xjf


2. Time Flies: HPISD Celebrates 100 Years

On August 25, students flooded the hallways of Highland Park ISD’s six campuses. The first day also kicked off HPISD’s centennial celebration, which will be commemorated throughout the year. See HPISD’s back-to-school pictures in the photo story. http://bubly.us/2xjg


3. People Are Speaking Up About Depression: Are You Listening?

In light of the tragic passing of Robin Williams, many public speakers have broken the silence about depression and suicide. Dallas-based author/speaker Julie Hersh has made it her mission to advocate for mental heath awareness through her book "Struck By Living." Read Hersh’s touching story, and the impact she has made on countless lives, in the full article http://bubly.us/2xjh


4. High School Football Player Leads On And Off The Field

Beneath his shoulder pads, Bishop Dunne football player Payton Bryce Matous has a heart for service. When he saw a need, Matous established the first service club on Bishop Dunne campus. He also serves as a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and hopes to attend a mission trip in Nicaragua. Read about Matous, and his passion for helping others, in the story. http://bubly.us/2xji


5. Is It Too Late For Summertime Treats? We Don’t Think So!

Although school is in session, you and your student can still enjoy summertime treats. We asked where to find the best indulgences in last week’s Best of BubbleLife survey, and we received some sweet responses. In Richardson, Sweet Firefly won with its gourmet ice cream, shaved ice and handmade toffee. See the other winners in the article. http://bubly.us/2xjj

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