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DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

This week, we’ve partaken in Banned Book Week by exploring the elusive power of words. We’ve seen how literature threatens readers; how language inspires a lifelong love for reading; how one book celebrates a season; and how literacy fosters hope for a better life. Literature affects everyone – not just teachers and students. Read these stories to learn how language impacts you and your family.

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Top Stories of the Week

1. If It Doesn’t Challenge Us, It Doesn’t Change Us

As a teacher, mother and reader, Tolly Salz believes reading award-winning books, some banned in parts of Texas, prepares students for the path before them. She’s witnessed literature save a child’s life, and has watched books transform reluctant students into thoughtful adults. Read more from Salz in the full article. http://bubly.us/36on


2. “The Fonz” Shares His Childhood Struggle

More than 300 guests had the distinct pleasure of hearing Henry Winkler speak at The Stayton at Museum Way. After staring as ‘The Fonz” in “Happy Days,” Winkler went on to write children’s books and discuss his struggle with dyslexia. Inspired by Winkler’s words, The Stayton made a donation of his children’s series to Literacy United, a local nonprofit. Learn more about Winkler and Literacy United in the story. http://bubly.us/36oo


3. Former President’s Granddaughter Picks Up The Pen

In celebration of the new season, the Dallas Arboretum debuts the new “Dallas Arboretum Pumpkin Festival Recipes” book, inspired by Chandler Lindsley, the granddaughter of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. Lindsley has compiled other books, including “Cookies With Eleanor,” “Tea With Eleanor,” "Quotable Eleanor" and "Quotable Franklin." Read more about Lindsley and her books in the article. http://bubly.us/36op


4. From Surviving To Thriving

Meet Lisa Hembry, CEO of Literacy Instruction for Texas. (LIFT) As a leader of LIFT, Hembry has fused her love of reading with lessons from her impressive business background. She’s seen literacy open doors for struggling adults, and watched students go from merely surviving to truly living. Read more about Hembry and LIFT in the story. http://bubly.us/36oq


5. HP Library Supports Readers 2 Leaders

This summer, each participant in the Highland Park Library’s Summer Reading Club selected a book to donate to Readers 2 Leaders, a nonprofit growing reading skills among children in West Dallas. With these new books, the nonprofit will be able to expand its Lending Library. Read more about HP Library’s donation and Reading 2 Leading in the article. http://bubly.us/36or

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