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DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

Dallas made national headlines this week. An Ebola case has hit our backyard, igniting hyper-awareness of health and safety. You can keep your family informed and protected by reading this week’s top stories.

Top Stories of the Week

1. Ebola’s Connection To DISD

According to a press conference held on Wednesday, the Ebola patient had contact with five Dallas ISD students. These children have been asked to stay at home, and have not shown symptoms of the virus. Read more in the breaking news article. http://bubly.us/390W


2. From West Africa To Walnut Hill

In the midst of the panic, NorthPark Presbyterian Church honored “World Communion Sunday” and prayed for the Ebola patient, Thomas Duncan, as well as the many people suffering from the virus in West Africa. Read more about this event in the article. http://bubly.us/390Y


3. Do You Know The Facts About Ebola?

To update parents and ease concern, DISD has released several informational articles about Ebola. The DISD site reminds readers that the virus is only spread through bodily fluid. Learn more about Ebola, and see the symptoms, in the article. http://bubly.us/390r


4. Nominate Your Family Doctor

With a local Ebola case, enterovirus outbreak and seasonal illnesses, you may have your doctor on speed dial. So this week in Best of BubbleLife, we’re accepting nominations for the best local doctor. See more about the survey in the post. http://bubly.us/390s

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