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Top Stories of the Week

1. Dumped ice water on your friends?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has swept across social media, and everyone from your neighbor to Former President George W. Bush is dumping ice on their heads. Our contributor, Justin Rubenstein, discusses the meaning behind this challenge and how The ALS Association has raised more than $31.5 million. See his perspective, and how ALS has impacted his family, in Rubenstein’s story. http://bubly.us/2vb2


2. Are we our kids' worst enemies?

As the first day of school approaches, parents will be encouraged to get involved in their children’s education. But there’s a fine line between involved and over-involved parenting, especially in affluent areas. “Helicopter parents” can cause depression, dependency and low ambition among students. Read the article to see if you fit the description of a hovering parent. http://bubly.us/2vbB


3. Ready to ditch corporate life?

She left a corporate job and never looked back. Teddie Story, now CEO of Irving Cares, is led by her passion for helping North Texans in need. Under her leadership, Irving Cares serves about 20 percent of the city’s population. And this local nonprofit has gained recognition from GreatNonprofits.org, United Way and North Texas Food Bank. Read the full profile to learn more about Story and Irving Cares. http://bubly.us/2vbI


4. Can you transmit love through music?

The Metroplex houses a thriving music hub in Denton, currently hosting Unicorn Lake's Free Summer Concert Series. BubbleLife contributor LaDonna Campbell shares her experience at the show and meets members of the Vince Lujan Project. The band’s blended sound derives from its fusion of influences: jazz, Latin and funk. As a Christian, Vince Lujan believes “a musician's job is to transmit love.” Read more about this musician and Unicorn Lake’s Free Concert Series in the full article. http://bubly.us/2vbK


5. Is women's equality just 94 years old?

To celebrate Women’s Equality Day, more than 100 Dallas women met on August 20 in Dallas City Hall. Members of Women’s Issue Network (WIN) honored the 94th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, and speakers discussed the progress made in gender equality. Guests dressed in white to show support for the ongoing efforts toward women’s rights. Read the inspiring – and challenging – remarks on women’s equality in the story. http://bubly.us/2vbZ


6. Saturday morning with vegetables?

Last week, we asked our readers to name the best place to spend a Saturday morning in our Best of BubbleLife survey. For a good family friendly trip, try visiting the Heard Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary in McKinney. Or, you can spend a cool(er) weekend morning at the Coppell Farmer’s Market. See the story for more suggestions. http://bubly.us/2vbb

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