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DFW BubbleLife Sunday Edition

Each fall brings a wave of energy. You want to move and explore; you crave new adventures and activities. Perhaps you yearn to reconnect with nature or adopt a new exercise routine. Fall is the time to try something new – to turn a leaf and make yourself stronger mentally and physically. This is your season. Let us help make it the best of it.

Top Stories of the Week

1. Your Outdoor Adventure Starts Today

Green River Preserve, a Western North Carolina summer camp, invites everyone to join a Geocaching Adventure today from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the Campion Trail in Irving. Guests will explore the wildlife of the Texas prairie and participate in the world’s largest scavenger hunt. Today’s event will allow children to learn in “nature’s classroom,” and combine exercise with the great outdoors. Read more about GRP in the article. http://bubly.us/3BDk


2. Lessons From The Barre To The Books

Ballet is known for its ethereal beauty and physical benefits, including tight, toned muscles, a strong core and good posture. However, ballet transcends fitness; dance develops grace and poise that spans a lifetime. Lessons also improve cognitive skills and memory capacities, preparing dancers to perform better in the classroom. Read more about ballet’s benefits in the story. http://bubly.us/3Als


3. A Cure For Nature - Deficit Disorder

TAs executive director of Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve, Lori Higgins is passionate about helping children engage with nature. She hopes this generation will step away from the computer and learn to play and explore outside. Higgins explains that outdoor activities provide more than physical exercise – children who spend time outside are mentally healthier, have higher self-esteem and feel more capable and confident. Read more from Higgins in the article. http://bubly.us/3A5V


4. On The Court For A Cause

TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation hosted the Julius Randle Cure Cancer Jam basketball tournament at Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano. At the event, Julius Randle, an NBA rookie for the Los Angeles Lakers, watched and encouraged competitive play and spent time with children battling cancer. Learn more about the basketball event in the article. http://bubly.us/3BUj


5. Rethinking Fitness For Different Lifestyles

While working as a reporter with the NFL Network, Desmond Purnell has redefined the way he sees fitness. His workouts range from running on a hotel’s treadmill to leading a Zumba class at 24 Hour Fitness. Purnell encourages others to stay fit by trying different workouts, finding the routine that works for them and sticking with it. Read more exercise tips in the story. http://bubly.us/3BDm

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