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The leaves are changing and the air is crisp.  The fall selling season is upon us.  In fact, the season has already gotten off to a great start for my clients- I recently sold a home in Wollaston in only 26 days!

We can use the beautiful foliage to snap some gorgeous exterior shots of your home.  An autumn-scented candle will add warmth to your open house and with some creative staging, potential buyers will be able to see themselves moving into your home.  Keep reading to learn how you can make your home more inviting.  

3 Tips That Could Get Your Home Sold Faster

When a potential buyer walks into your home, they should be able to picture themselves in the house.  Careful and creative staging of your home can remove any distractions to that vision.  By following these simple tips, you can sell your home faster.  

What is staging?  Staging is a marketing strategy that will help show your property in its best light.  It can range from a simple and thorough cleaning to a complete overhaul of furniture and decorating.  

1. De-clutter your home and present the property in “move in” condition.  Personal items such as stacks of mail, newspapers, or magazines should be stored out of sight.  This is also a great time to get started on the cleaning and packing that will come along with moving.  Pack up some boxes and store them in a basement, garage, or spare room.  

2. Stick with neutral colors to de-personalize your decorating.  Busy wallpaper and bright wall colors can turn off potential buyers.

3. The autumn season can present certain challenges to the selling process.  Make sure to clean up your yard regularly to remove leaves and debris.  Check that all entryways and steps are stable.  

Have a discussion with your Realtor to decide what kind of staging is needed for your home.  At Granite Group Realtors, we have a professional stager who can offer a that can provide a range of consultative services to help with the staging process.  

Market Notes

Great news for sellers: Sales for single family homes and condos sold up 9.4 % (from $320,000 in September 2013 to $350,000 in September 2014).  

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