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This DIY dream home went under contract after just the first open house- congratulations to the buyers and the sellers!

7 Watson St, Braintree, MA 

$299,900 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

Listings from Granite Group Realtors

68 Ocean Avenue, Quincy- Squantum 

$589,900 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

146 Butler Road, Quincy - Merrymount

$335,900 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom 

Getting It Right The First Time: Making Wish Lists Come True 

When you think of a “move-in ready” home, what does it look like?  Perhaps it has a manicured lawn with in-ground pool.  Or maybe your perfect house has a wood burning fireplace and plenty of charm from crown molding and wainscoting.  No matter what you envision, a few compromises on your part could go a long way in maintaining your budget.  Would you really turn down your dream home just because you didn’t love the paint colors?  Any house, no matter how perfect, will require your finishing touches to make it truly feel like home.  

Design Decisions Can Be Costly

While all of the high-end upgrades add color and warmth to a home, it’s important to decide whether or not they are a deal breaker in your home search.  Can you live without stainless steel appliances or a gas range?  Further, these are the kinds of items you can use as leverage during negotiations.  Asking a seller for a slightly lower price in return for putting in your own granite countertops may be a compromise they are willing to make.  

You Want How Much Land?

Acreage increases price rapidly.  It also requires a significant investment in maintenance, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a service.  Additionally, some cities and towns will only have either large or small plots of land available.  When you’re starting your search, think carefully not only about the home but also about the lifestyle you want.

Stick to Your List

Compromise is an important part of buying a home, but it is also important that you get what you want.  If you have specific requirements about number of bedrooms or bathrooms you need, don’t deviate.  If you need to buy in a particular neighborhood, wait until a great home comes on the market.  Sticking to a reasonable list of “must-haves” will increase your satisfaction and ensure that you are happy in your new home for the long haul. 

Wondering what’s on the market right now?  Feel free to give me a call with any questions as you begin your search.  

Down with the Dams- Tips for Ice Dam Removal

Everyone and everything is struggling under the weight of the snow this season, but our roofs need some special attention to keep leaks at bay.  Here are a few articles with tips and tricks for safely removing ice dams.

Stay Ahead of Ice Dams from This Old House

Preventing Ice Dams on Businesses from The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety 

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