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Over the past few months, we have had the incredible opportunity to work with the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew, on their new Celebrity IOU TV Series!

In this HGTV series, the Property Brothers help A-list celebrities like Michael Bublé, Jeremy Renner, and Viola Davis express their deep gratitude to individuals who have had a major impact on their lives by surprising them home renovations!

We were approached by The Scott Brothers because they had seen and liked what we had to offer and we were thrilled to be given the chance to provide fireplaces for the series!

Viola Davis

Viola headed to Minneapolis to surprise her acting school roommate and best friend of 30 years with a home renovation.

It is safe to say that the Scott Brothers have an eye for design. They decided to go with the elegant Modore 75H by Element4 for Viola’s friend’s new living room.

Our sales manager Chris, was invited to be on the set during the installation to give some advice and guidance.

“Having an opportunity to work with the Scott Brothers was something special for us. It can get crazy on set, and what appealed most to me about Drew and Jonathan is their approachability during filming. They were energized and great listeners. Their ability to absorb key information about our fireplaces, then put that knowledge to work in front of the camera was what impressed me the most. I look forward to working with them on set again!”

Our friends at All Seasons Fireplace were instrumental in making this install possible!

The final look features natural wood, soft colors, and a marble mantle.

Michael Bublé

In this episode singer Michael Bublé pays tribute to his grandfather by fulfilling his final wish: to provide his caretaker, Minette, with a place to live. Michael calls on the Brothers to help him renovate his grandfather’s home.

In this build, the Property Brothers wanted not one, but two of our fireplaces. The dining room is now a large space made cozy with our Summum 100 Single-Sided.

In the living room, they went with grays surrounding our Modore 140  to tie in beautifully with the rest of the room for a relaxing sanctuary. A great dealer we work with, Urban Fireplaces, helped to make this install happen!

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy is moving his mom to Los Angeles to be closer to her family. He calls on the Property Brothers to transform her dated condo into a modern-meets-cozy oasis where she can entertain the family, especially her grandchildren.

European Home co-founders Holly & John Markham were on set for the installation of our Modore 100H fireplace that was chosen for this renovation.

Even in the most organized installation issues can arise. John describes what happened:

“In the picture that you see on the above right with Jonathan and Jeremy, you see the vent pipe behind Jonathan’s head.

This had to be moved because the condo association didn’t allow the venting on the side of the house. I worked with the installer to find a new termination location. It ended up having a vertical termination. The vent behind Jonathan was removed and the wall was patched and repainted on the outside.”

Holly comments:

“What I noticed right away about the visit to Celebrity IOU/ Jeremy Renner was the coordination that was taking place. There were a lot of workers, a lot of cars and trucks meaning the logistics in a tight side street is tricky. They keep everyone moving. No Stopping could be the motto.

Once we went in, we signed documents, they took our pictures – my joke was that they did it so they would know who to cut from the show…my joke turned into foreshadowing, unfortunately.

Inside the house, it was similar to the outside, lots of people, lots of movement. You had to find an area and not get in the way.

Once the taping was about to start, the camera operators were in place, the mics were tested and they yelled: “Quiet on the set”. It felt very official. I enjoyed seeing Jonathan in action because I could see how natural he is in front of the camera. There were not many retakes if any. He really enjoys both the personal conversations as well as the materials and installation conversations.

Outside, the neighbors were stopping by and Jonathan could not have been more gracious. He took pics with the neighbors, joked around, and gave hugs.

At the end of a hot, sticky day, he jumped into his black limo and was wisked away. We stayed to figure out the installation.”

In the end, they transform Jeremy’s mothers dated condo into a welcoming space where she can entertain the family and host sleepovers with her grandchildren. This build was accomplished with help from our friends at Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service.

We cannot thank the Property Brothers enough for the opportunity to be apart of this truly heartwarming series!

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