Birds are wondrous creatures found anywhere around the world, but each location has species that are meant for the environment. Being in the tropics, Uganda is home to a wide variety of bird species that can be viewed anywhere, it does not matter if you are in Bwindi, you will still heard birds chirping away in the distance and singing songs so beautifully that you will stop to listen.

Uganda is considered as the most sought after destination for birding tours across Africa, where different bird species migrate annually. This country has a lot of birding spots, where over thousands of bird species flock every year. Travelers feel overwhelmed after seeing such amazing bird species on a favorable natural habitat in Uganda. To enjoy bird watching, you can opt for Uganda birding tours that are planned perfectly by tour operators. The best time to see the birds is during early morning and late evening.

What Makes Uganda A Perfect Paradise For Birds: - From tropical central regions to a wide array of forests, Uganda stands out as a popular destination for plentiful bird species across Africa. On a Uganda National Parks safari, nature enthusiasts and bird lovers can participate in the tailor made birding destinations under the guidance of professional bird guides.

Best Destinations For Uganda Birding Tours: - Below are some of popular destinations around Uganda, where travelers can get amazing bird watching experiences:

Lake Mburo National Park: - Lake Mburo National Park features huge varieties of migrating birds and most of the species love to flock near the wide wetland of Lake Mburo. Some of the bird species are available in this particular spot including white winged warbler, the Yellow-billed oxpecker, ground hornbill and green backed woodpecker.

Semliki National Park: - This park located in a remote corner of south-west Uganda. Choosing Uganda safari packages, you can spot popular bird species like Black throated coucal, Grey-throated rail, Congo Serpent eagle and Yellow-throated nicater.

Budongo Forest: - Located in Western Uganda, Budongo Forest is home to some rare bird species like Grey headed olive back, Singing Cistocola and Black billed barbet.

Murchison Falls National Park: - Murchison Falls National Park is located in the north-western part of Uganda and comprises of the wetland, Lake Albert. It is largest national park in Uganda with some of attractive bird species like the Secretary bird, Red-necked Falcon, Blue-breasted Bee, Sacred Ibis and shy Shoebill.

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