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SARMs mean Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.

Selective means they do not target the entire spectrum, unlike other steroids. They bind selectively to a few receptors, which indicates that they can utilized for a broad range of operations. Androgens are generally referred to as male hormones because their classification includes testosterone. They play vital roles in building up and maintaining the muscles, reproduction and in the development of some other male specific traits such as alopecia or facial hair. Receptors are cells or groups of cells that receive stimuli and cause the body to respond in a particular way to the given stimuli. Hormone receptors serve as chemical messengers which transmit messages around the body, allowing every part of the body to work harmoniously and at their peak efficiency. Lastly, Modulators modify or adjust a particular thing to exist in a balanced or ideal proportion.

Thus, SARMs modify the body’s androgen levels in a bid to achieve certain targets. They however do so in a selective manner, without producing damage to the other internal organs as a result of their usage. It is different from steroids which attack the body hard in every way, SARMs only selectively target androgen receptors associated to muscle and fat.

SARMs were not originally developed as an attempt to help bodybuilders get bigger. They were developed to assist in muscle wasting diseases, and in muscle wasting due to old age. Anabolic steroids could not be given to old people that were sick, thus the development of SARMs which can safely help retain muscle.

SARMs were designed in such a way that they selectively attack androgen receptors which are associated with the body’s muscle and fat, and in doing so, also avoid interacting with other receptors that could cause deleterious side effects. They are much safer than prohormones and anabolic steroids but vary in effect amongst individuals, which has made stacking become prevalent over time. To get more information about SARMs, visit this site.

Benefits of SARMs

The benefits of SARMs include:

  • Weight Loss – SARMs can help in getting rid of stubborn fat accumulated by the body, that cling to vital body muscles. They do so by targeting and attacking specific receptors. Their overall effects however, depend on the ability of the user to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine.
  • Performance Enhancement – SARMs increase the stamina of bodybuilders and help them work out for longer periods without experiencing fatigue. Stamina, energy and resilience are important for the improvement of strength-training exercises. Most bodybuilders do not possess such attributes naturally, thus the importance of SARMs.
  • Muscle Building – Muscle mass is built by exercise, good nutrition, lifestyle and genetics. Muscle mass can be easily lost due to weight loss. However, SARMs help build muscle mass with interfering with the functions of the kidney, liver, heart and lungs.
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