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Mutual Fund Distributors buy and sell Mutual Funds for their clients. Along with that, there are a lot of tasks which distributors perform on a daily basis. Due to the need of working on varies tasks affects the performance of MFDs and regular minor tasks can become headache in the long term. In such a situation, the role of Mutual Fund Software comes into the limelight.

The Mutual Fund Software delivered by offers extraordinary tools to complete regular tasks and to enhance the performance of Distributors. From gaining clients to providing best services at client convenience, the software benefits the advisor at every step to run his firm.


  • Completes client’s online KYC in a few clicks.
  • The easy access to necessary information and reports is time saving.
  • By wishing clients on their birthday and anniversary makes clients feel special. Such gestures help Distributors to build good relations with clients.
  • Clients can refer their family and friends to advisor which brings the best opportunity to advisor to grow their business.
  • Goal Mapping and Goal Tracking provide direction to client’s investment plan and make client to stay invested in Mutual Funds till they reach to the pre-set goals.
  • The use of Multi Asset feature and Wealth Report able distributor of manage Client’s wealth.

Along with the above features, there are many other options and tools available in the Mutual Fund Software like White label, Research Tools, Financial Planning, Portfolio Rebalancing, Online ATM etc. gives advantages to Mutual Fund Advisors. MFD can stabilize and successfully execute the operations of the firm by providing upward progress.

Continuously adding new features in software with changing trends and requirements upgrades the performance of Mutual Fund Software. If the clients are getting above average experience and satisfactory results, then surely the clients will work with distributors for a lifetime.

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