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Digitization has increased after the COVID-19 pandemic which causes a hike in online transactions, also investors are becoming more aware of Mutual Fund due to this the number of mutual funds investors is increasing rapidly. According to AMFI (Association of Mutual Fund in India), AMCs added 51 lakh investor accounts in the June quarter. This is a great time for the distributors to expand their business by acquiring new customers. But as investors are becoming more educated about mutual funds, they have started comparing mutual fund distributors on the basis of their provided services.

A strong distribution platform is mandatory for MFD from where they can provide mutual fund distribution services to customers without any glitches and cater to the organization’s targets. is a mutual fund software for distributors that provides tools and options to meet clients’ all requirements and allow you to offer best-in-class mutual fund distribution services to your customers.0020The software module avails a feature as Goal GPS which is favorable for setting clients’ goals and tracking their portfolios constantly.

Benefits of Goal GPS

  • Goal-based investment approach.
  • Set goals for both, the client as well as family.
  • aids distributors to conduct investment strategies for investors.
  • track investors’ portfolios consistently.
  • Quick goal maker, map funds and goal tracker options available.
  • All investment figures in one window.
  • Goal images or family members’ photos add the emotional factor to MF investments.
  • Also shows Equity, Fixed Deposits, Life Insurance, Postal, Commodity and Real Estate investments.

It is essential to have client investment goals, it helps MFDs to identify the risk proportion of their clients. Distributors should ask questions to clients about their goals and lend an ear to know their aspirations clearly, also address questions that clients may not ask but are important to know.

Knowing investors’ goals should be the priority of the distributor and it is important for them to know clients’ dreams/desires. It leads to significant, pronounced, and deeper conversation and makes clients open to talking about their current and future aspirations. This helps distributors to make clients’ investments for their life and beyond lifetime goals.

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