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The mutual fund distribution business is about earning good commission on clients investments and growing AUM cumulatively to stay on the top of the industry. It is difficult to handle multiple customers and fulfil their expectations, it requires to meet clients for discussion to get necessary information. Throughout the mutual fund distribution journey every distributor has a few questions in their mind:

  • How to reach to more clients?
  • Am I getting the returns of my efforts?
  • What are the factors that I should work on?
  • How to grow the business further?

A new distributor set up the business with a pre-structured strategy but as the business grows, new challenges come in the way of progress at such time seeking suitable solutions is necessary. There are some key factors that play an important role to meet new targets and design new strategies of running the business impressively. To grow revenue of a firm at a faster pace evaluate the work and focus on some important aspects are necessary. The MFD should have detailed knowledge about mutual fund schemes and should be able to ask valuable information getting questions to clients to know their MF knowledge, aspirations, risk profile, etc. that help in creating productive investment plans.

Key Elements for developing business

  1. Good communication skills are essential for handling customers effectively
  2. Identify the target clients to entertain only a particular segment
  3. Consume current market knowledge and learn interpersonal skills
  4. Invest in latest technological asset to increase productivity
  5. Generating leads sharply is important for acquiring more customers
  6. Increase the presence on social medial platforms to reach more prospects
  7. Enter correct information on website and different platforms
  8. Concentrate on quality customers who invest actively

By tracking past performance of business, investor list, commission percentage, net flow and SIP invest, distributors can evaluate their own work and check whether they are getting the desired outcomes of their efforts or not, also will get to know about the weak points on which they need to focus. Technology must be seen as a tool and is a key asset when implemented and used properly. Mutualfundsoftware is an online mutual fund software for distributors which includes various latest features to deliver robust distribution services– Goal GPS, Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, Multi-asset inspection, Online ATM, and Video KYC. These elements look very simply when read but work effectively when applied. For more information, visit@

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