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Every client regularly desires to know the status of invested funds as to whether the portfolio is delivering expected earnings or not and it’s a major thing because the capital is placed at risk to attain high yields. Managing the profit/loss overview of each investor manually by the distributor cannot be considered because the procedure involves lots of calculations and complexity. Thus to create the same function additional clear Mutual fund software for Distributors is created by Mutualfundsoftware that is thoroughly capable to show the gain and loss account immediately.


  • Possibility to design coming scenarios of investment.
  • Prevailing details of investment, redemption, and switch-in.
  • Genuine investment values on the current date.
  • Analysis of investment results for any period.
  • Declaration of investments with diagrams and summary.

Thus, the distributors need to hold the relevant feature to support full transparency with investors regarding their investment. It actually aids distributors in developing additional strategies of acquisition relevant to the profile of the investors after analyzing the risk and economic soundness of the client. 

The distributors via transmitting the relevant statement can have a fair account of investment through which gaining investors' trust evolves comfortably. Along with it can allow distributors to make changes in the current plan, in case the results are not good or below expectations. 

The distributors get multiple solutions at one medium along with the portfolio research that permits them to manage the several operations of the firm without any interruptions. Since the distributors got the feature to achieve analysis of assets with the use of specialized tools the whole procedure and method of examination has been fully changed. The distributors are running investment checks more accurately and expressly.

The level of attributes and facilities shown to distributors are assured too worthy which are becoming a valid basis for the expansion of the firm. Simultaneously the profits and knowledge generation capacity have been enhanced falling a favorable lasting image on the firm of distributors.

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