From the snow-covered zenith of Mount Kilimanjaro to the game-rich Ngorongoro Crater, from the never-ending plains of the Serengeti to the baobabs of the Tarangire, Tanzania is the heaven for true safari lovers. Boasting fourteen national parks and a lot of game reserves, Tanzania is home to the biggest wildlife herds on the African continent and also the palm-tasseled islet of Zanzibar, perfect for post safari relaxation.

Reasons to Opt For a Tanzania Safari:

  • Close view of wildebeest migration across the plain of the world famous Serengeti National Park.
  • Opportunity to witness a large herd of elephants and exceptional baobab trees in the Tarangire National Park.
  • Enjoy a wonderful intimate beach hideaway in Saadani National Park.
  • Superb private camping in luxury tented lodge in hand-picked regions such as Ngorongoro Crater.
  • Opportunity to climb the highest summit in Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Excellent game viewing opportunity.

Best Time to Visit Tanzania?

The Serengeti & the Ngorongoro Crater provide wildlife viewing opportunity throughout the year. However, June and July are considered to be the most ideal months for exploring the migration and February is the perfect time for the wildebeest calving. For excellent game viewing experience throughout Tanzania you can choose the dry months. Tarangire and the western and southern circuit parks (Ruha, Selous and Katavi) are best toured in the dryer month, from June to October.

Why Go For A Tanzania Lodge Safari?

Lodge safaris in Tanzania give a more luxury experience to the travelers. You’ll enjoy the best comforts of any good hotel that provide all the greatest accommodation you’ll discover in a metro city. The services are world-class and their restaurants provide a wide range of appetizing foods. During your stay, you can enjoy superb 4WD trips to discover the nature and parks enclosing the lodge.

There’re different options accessible. You can stay in the lodge from three to seven days, out of which is specially arranged so you can maximize your trip. There’re diverse locations you can explore and the longer you stay the more destinations you’ll get to witness. However, the best part is after discovering the wilderness and viewing the incredible landscape and animal you go back to a good lodge with great amenities and accommodations.

How to Pick a Reliable Tanzania Safari Operator:

There are more than 400 safari units in Tanzania. So, you must be wondering how to choose a reliable safari operator. Let’s have a look at some fact to take into account to choose a professional safari agency:

  • Search the web for safari reviews, recommendations and note down what does and doesn’t work for safari tourists.
  • Review safari booklets of several renowned North American based safari units.
  • Determine how educated or informed the safari firms are
  • Contact references of former safari participants
  • A safari is a costly affair – international air fees, all-inclusive board and room, safari guide, transportation, airport transfers, etc can cost you heavy. So, be cautious in the review of a safari unit.

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