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Book Hot-Air Balloon Safari for Wonderful Tanzania Experiences

Hot Air Ballooning Adventure in Tanzania –

There is something enchanting about floating peacefully above the natural landscapes of East Africa – especially Tanzania, peering out at the huge herds of wild animals below, watching the clouds above while moving across the horizon in the basket of a hot air balloon!

This is why hot-air ballooning is considered as simply magnificent, the surreal experience you won’t get. It’s the most popular package to explore the best of East Africa including Tanzania and Kenya. However, a hot air balloon ride offers a truly once in a lifetime experience you will treasure forever. Hot air ballooning is completely different to anything you’ve experienced before –its sensational, spectacular to get a surrounding view when you fly over a Sanctuary or a rain forest , a national park or over a local Village. Combining this with an exploration of the beautiful landscape can be truly the best ingredients to a magical adventure. 

While going above on a hot-air balloon, you will get a perfect opportunity to see animals up-close and a huge in number. The overhead perspective you get from a balloon is magnificent. You can able to see miles and soak up yourself in the vastness of the African plains. All you need to do is to enjoy the moment to the fullest. 


The Step-by-step Detail of Hot Air Ballooning –

  • l  You will need to depart early in the morning as the wind is peaceful during that time.
  • Watch out when your skilled balloon pilot prepares for take-off.
  • You will start your journey by holding the basket.
  • Suddenly you will no longer be touching the earth.
  • You will ascend further when the sky brightens from purple to pink – just before the golden sunlight spills onto the ground
  • You will see the grassy plains from your perch above. Floating with the breeze is soothing experience.
  •  After reaching the vantage point, you will get a clear view of animal species like water buffalo drinking, elephants munching on the grass and much more.
  • Upon landing, you will be provided with a hearty, delicious bush breakfast to enjoy the wilderness, speak to localities a really great fun.

Are you ready for your own private hot-air balloon adventure? You must visit some of the Best Hot-Air Ballooning Sites for Safari Holidays in Tanzania –

Serengeti National Park –

Serengeti National Park is the home the majestic Great Migration – the annual animal migration around the world. After taking Tanzania hot-air balloon safari, you just imagine watching millions of animal species like wildebeest, gazelles, zebra – making their trek from the basket of a hot air balloon, coasting above the action with the movements of animals splayed before as far as your eyes can be able to see. 

Tarangire National Park –

The main draw of Tarangire National Park is the elephants – congregating masses to the baobab-tree studded landscape. If you want to see ionic Africa, why don’t you choose Tanzania safari holidays for a bird’s eye view of giant mammals along with sunrise! 

Conclusion –

Just enjoy a surreal experience of ultimate Safari holidays in Tanzania by choosing Tanzania hot-air balloon safaris with “One Way Tours and Safaris” and experience a bird’s eye safari like nowhere around the world!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017