10, September 2016: CT Dent is dental imaging company at the forefront of dental x-ray technology in the UK. The company uses a range of different imaging technologies across six sites.

A Different Approach To Dentistry

CT Dent was established in London back in 2007. It was the first dental scanning centre of its kind in the UK. In 2007, the company realised that there was a need in the UK for an independent dental scanning centre. Up until that point, dentists had to send their patients to NHS facilities to have their mouths scanned. Some of these facilities offered CT scans with up to twenty times the radiation of newer, better CT scanners. CT Dent saw this as a problem and wanted to offer customers a genuine alternative.

Since then, the company has grown considerably and has proven to be popular among dentists and dental professionals. CT Dent’s clinics soon spread out of its base in London and moved further afield to Birmingham and Bristol. Now its network has grown to more than 4,000 dentists, surgeons and related specialists. The company prides itself on its ability to offer a quality of service at an affordable price. Thousands of dental professionals now rely on the use of its advanced equipment to carry out their work.

Why Dental Imaging Is Important

Dental x-ray is a technology for imaging the structure of the mouth. It includes imaging the gums, teeth and jaws in order to diagnose conditions. It is mainly used for detecting cavities. But it’s also critical for discovering other, more serious issues, like cancer.

Dental imaging is also a good way for dental patients to discover and stop dental issues before they become severe. For instance, CT Dent offers patients the ability to detect internal tooth demineralisation before any external cavity is evident.

CT Dent images the mouth using three different views. The periapical view images the tooth from root to tip to identify any anomalies. The biting view is used to image the crowns. And finally, the occlusive view is used to photograph the jaw and surrounding bone.

Different Image Formats

Once patients have had their mouths scanned, CT Dent allows professionals to choose from a range of different image formats. There are many options: from simple photographs to the latest i-CAT Vision software, depending on the need. i-Cat Vision software allows dentists to view scans in three dimensions on their computers. This enables dentists to choose the best treatment path among the available options.

A Better Option For Independent Dentists

CT Dent’s services are potentially of benefit to thousands of dentists. When the UK had no independent scanning centre, many dentists had to send their patients to rival practices. For many, this was an uncomfortable experience. The only other option was to send patients to radiology units in hospitals. But waiting times were often long. And hospital radiology departments were rarely experts in imaging the mouth. Now practitioners can send their patients to a specialised dental imaging clinic.

Now CT Dent centres operate in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Nottingham.

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