06, January 2017: Page flip software is created by Mobissue with the goal to offer digital publishers an easy way for providing readers with engaging and interactive mobile experience. This incredible effect is achieved within a few minutes without the need for writing code or any special coding knowledge. The good news is that this software can now help users in making their brands popular all over the globe.

Regardless of the chosen marketing strategy, whether it is online marketing or mobile marketing, Mobissue page flip software is able to build brand awareness. All that companies need to do is to make use of the software’s great features to create a stunning business flipping magazine from their static PDF files. The multimedia content can be added to entertain the readers, who will be able to read it on any mobile device.

This incredible result of broadcasting the brand is achieved in the following 5 ways:

1. The software enables users to publish the ready mobile content on their own branded URL.
2. The loading logo can be customized.
3. Content reader logo can be set up.
4. Newsstand logo can also be added to meet the company’s needs.
5. Online homepage banner can be designed.

Winston Zhang, CEO of Mobissue, shares with the wide public: “What makes our page flip software different is that it saves people a lot of time and money and it is very effective in brand awareness at the same time. It saves time, as it is made extremely user friendly, so the users will quickly figure out how it works. And it also saves money, as the companies don’t have to hire experienced coders to perform that costly work for them any longer.”

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About Mobissue:

Being a leading digital magazine publishing company, Mobissue creates HTML5 apps for all popular mobile devices. Thanks to their software products, businesses and digital publishers can easily create and publish online catalogs, magazines, brochures and flyers and reach target audiences.

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