Stockholm, Sweden; 21, November 2016: The revolutionary winter boot can easily be transformed into an ice cleat, allowing people to walk easily on ice when the snow falls. The product is named Gripforce and is now launched on Kickstarter by Bertil Sjösvärd. Bertil has launched this Kickstarter campaign to raise necessary funds of SEK 2,600,000, which is necessary for the production of Gripforce. The project ends on December 9, 2016, and Bertil is confident to raise the fund well before the deadline.

According to Bertil, Gripforce has been designed as a dual-purpose boot that one can wear on glistering ice as well as on hardwood floors. The World's First Intelligent Winter Boot is safer for a person to wear and walk on hard surfaces without any slip hazards. With the flip of a switch, it takes hardly a second to turn the boot into an ice-cleat and one can walk easily on a surface covered with ice. The boot has been engineered to walk safely in extreme weather conditions, with its unique cleat system that can be activated with a switch.

Bertil maintains that Gripforce uses a world-patented technology with a unique cleat activation system that allows people to walk safely and comfortably on an icy surface. With a switch, the cleats are activated and spikes are pushed down to the ground. In this manner, the sole never loses contact with the ground and can walk safely without any trouble. This intelligent system allows people to get the perfect grip so that they can walk safely on all types of surface materials.

Gripforce can function in two different modes: on-mode and off-mode. In the on-mode, the spikes emerge from the sole of the boot for a person to walk safely on a surface covered with ice. On the other hand, in the off-mode, the spikes remain inside the sole for one to walk on hard or normal surfaces. There are different styles of the boots that will be available to the customers and backers will start receiving the product from October 2017 onwards. One can view the prototype gallery of Gripforce and can extend their support to the project by visiting the Kickstarter link

About Gripforce:

Gripforce is a dual-purpose boot that is as safe to wear on the glistening ice as it is on the hardwood floor. With a convertible sole and retractable studs, the patented Gripforce technology can transform a boot into an ice cleat in less than a second, simply, with the flip of a switch. This advanced functionality is disguised on the inside of the sole, creating a discreet boot tailored for every, and any, occasion. This is a Nordic innovation, engineered for people to walk safely in extreme weather conditions.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Bertil Sjösvärd

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