01, December 2016: Medembassy is an India-based medical practice that specializes in the treatment of liver diseases. Medembassy offers customers consulting, as well as treatment options for hepatitis C.

Medembassy is led by two leading physicians. Dr. Gourdas Choudhuri has been the director since 2013 and is widely recognized as one of India’s leading hepatitis C experts. The practice is also headed by Dr. Neeraj Saraf. Saraf is a senior consultant at the India Institute of digestive and liver diseases. He was trained at the prestigious Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Over the last few years, their team has helped more than 700 patients recover from liver disease.

Medembassy Wants To Expand Medical Tourism To India

Medembassy accepts that medical tourism India is still in its infancy. There are thousands of hospitals in India. But as the company rightly points out, many of these offer poor quality care.

Medembassy maintains that there are three reasons why India is the medical tourist destination of the future. First, India has a thriving private medical sector. These medical centers have advanced technology and equipment that easily rivals that of the US and sometimes exceeds it. Quality in these hospitals is also high. Medembassy says that infections in Indian hospitals are lower than in their Western counterparts.

Second, India is able to offer medical care to customers at a much lower price, thanks to cheap labor. Hospitals can employ nurses, doctors, and technicians for a fraction of the price they’d have to pay in the West. According to the data, the cost of treatment in India is usually a tenth of the price in Western markets.

Finally, medical staff speak English. This means that medical tourists can converse with locals in the world’s most global language.

Medembassy sees itself at the forefront of medical tourism in the future. It wants to capitalize on what it sees as an enormous opportunity

How Does Medembassy Operate?

Hepatitis C is currently epidemic. Medembassy has experimented to find out which combination of drugs and therapies is best for getting rid of the condition. The practice uses powerful drugs, like interferon, in conjunction with other drugs. It claims that these combinations can significantly reduce reappearance rates of the disease.

Right now, Medembassy is trying to be as competitive on price as it possibly can. Their aim is to provide customers with drugs at a tenth of their original price. They hope that by doing this, they’ll attract patients from overseas. They also hope that their high cure rate of 95 percent will incentivise people to travel to India for treatment.

What Do Their Patients Say

So far, Medembassy’s customers have said that the prices are low and that the practice helped them eliminate the disease. If the practice wishes to succeed, it must remain focused on its core objective of providing an excellent service. If it does, it’ll be able to attract some of the 300,000 people who travel to India every year for medical treatment.

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