Shanghai, China; 20, December 2016: With the rise of the e-commerce industry, numerous products are bought and sold online and are shipped around the world. This also creates a huge demand for intelligent packaging solutions. China based Shanghai Custom Packaging Company manufactures a wide range of packaging boxes that are suitable for containing and shipping different types of goods safely from one place to another. They supply cardboard and corrugated boxes that are durable and ensure the safety of the products kept inside.

The company specializes in manufacturing corrugated boxes Shanghai, available in a variety of designs that are suitable for packing various products of different shapes and sizes. The corrugated boxes include the paper box for flowers, paper cake boxes, paper box with a PVC window, paper box with handles, paper box with finger hole, three part paper boxes and other varieties. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they can customize the design and printing of the corrugated boxes as per the request of the client.

According to the spokesperson of the custom paper boxes manufacturer, they can provide packaging boxes for diverse industries. A client can explore different types of paper boxes, such as paper box for bottles, carrier box for wine, golden paper gift box, gift box with velvet inserts and lots more. They focus on custom designs that can suit the client’s packaging as well as branding requirements. The boxes can be made using a variety of papers, such as art paper, golden paper, coated paper, cardboard paper and others.

The company announces special cardboard gift boxes that companies can use for supplying different types of gifts for the upcoming Christmas and the festive season. Companies can get durable and stylish gift boxes to wrap gift items and supply to their clients that will add more value to the end customers. The attractively designed gift boxes make gifting more presentable that pleases the customers. One can check different types of gift boxes available with them on their website

About Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd.:

Shanghai Custom Packaging is a paper packaging manufacturer, specializing in providing the custom paper packaging boxes solutions to various industries, including the food and beverage, electronics, cosmetic and beauty, retailing as well as the fruit and vegetable. The company has over 15 years of history in China and has clients all across the world.

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