15, June 2017: in the fast paced world that we live, earning profit is a daily challenge for many as the cost of living has gone up with time. Saving up for a rainy day is literally impossible as hardly anything is left over from the little the middle or the working class earns. But with the changing times new forms of investment and saving schemes have come up that enables the common man with the habit of saving as well as building up of wealth for the future through attractive returns.

HourPay Ltd is the company that you can trust with your hard earned money that provides not only safe and secure environment but also instant per hour pay of profit earned for the day.

The company has a certification from the UK government under the financial sector which ensure authenticity and safety to the client enabling them to trust HourPay Ltd. The company provides their clients with the flexibility of three distinct schemes that provide returns on an hourly basis. The terms and conditions and also the amount in terms of profit and returns are different for different schemes.

Most of the companies that invest in the market by taking money from the people provide returns in daily or weekly basis. What makes the company stand out is their hour fast pay hourly payout of the profit to their customers. They have specialized in crypto currency exchange and with the arrival of Bitcoin the company started to pay attention to the potential this new market holds. Being fairly new to the market, since 2016 the company has made their name in the financial sector by providing quality service to their clientele both in the national and international market.

The testimonial from satisfied customers that benefitted from the company and also alleviated their financial problems adds up towards building up of rapport with the clientele. The word of mouth marketing from the clients not only benefits the company in their business, but doing so in terms of referrals also makes the clients eligible for commission up to a rate of 3%. The company is exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940, with only the exception of not being FDIC insured.

About HourPay Ltd:

HourPay Ltd provides investment solutions to its clients by dealing with the same in terms of crypto currency such as Bitcoin. For further details please visit their official website regarding details and rules of engagement.

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Person Name: Genevieve Frahm
Company: HourPay Ltd

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