23, June 2017: iRis DVRx video borescope now comes in an extra small probe diameter version. In addition to the 4mm and 6mm probes marketed by earlier, it is now available with a 3mm (0.12’’) probe. This innovation expands the scope of application for the video inspection system. The new small diameter probe is protected from hazardous environments by industrial strength tungsten braiding. It is water- and oil-proof (rated up to 1 bar or over 10 meters in H2O), and it is able to withstand up to 5% saline water. The state of the art CMOS camera chip is located within the tiny rigid distal tip of the probe. It is also equipped with three-stage adjustable LED lights capable of providing bright and focused illumination even in complete darkness.

The control box of the video borescope boasts a large 5’’ color TFT display with handy multilingual on screen controls. The iRis DVRx display is over 40% larger than that of most comparable units. The videoscope is powered with a rechargeable and replaceable Li-ion battery (charger included), while a 12V AC adapter serves as a secondary power source. The inspection results may be documented as video (AVI) or photo (BMP) files recorded onto an SD card. A 32Gb card is able to park up to 32,000 photos or 500 hours of video. A user is free to use as many cards as needed one after another (a 8Gb card is provided with the kit).

The new video borescope is equipped with a number of add-ons capable of making any inspection an easy task. The iRis DVRx has a 3.5x digital zoom, a text annotation feature to take real time notes during the inspection and a measuring capability based on the comparative measurement method. The videoscope is remarkably lightweight, only 1.350kg (or just under 3 lbs.). Just as other models of the same product line, the new videoscope with the extra thin probe is a dependable, extremely robust and versatile inspection tool. A custom built explosion proof version of the same unit is available by individual request. is the industrial division of MEDIT and one of the leading suppliers of equipment for remote visual inspection. Operating from two facilities located in Boston, USA and Winnipeg, Canada, MEDIT serves an international market and offers reliable borescopes, fiberscopes and inspection cameras. iRis DVR is a premium line of industrial borescopes.

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