30, May 2017: Writer Job Finder has announced that it will be launching its services with the launch of its all new website on June 14th, 2017. The website is being launched as a fresh platform for people to find and post about writing jobs online for free. Writer Job Finder will play a significant role in filling the empty space on the internet for a site of its kind and will also create several new jobs for the millions of writers looking for work online.

“I am very proud to say that due to its simple and straight model, this website is going to create several new jobs for all the writers out there who are looking for writing jobs online.” Said Tyler Carty, the Founder and CEO of Writing Job Finder while introducing the website. “Consider this platform as an online recruiting marketplace where both job finders and recruiters will share the benefits of getting their desired fresh talent and new jobs respectively.” He added. The website also features an updated and informative blog for the visitors to keep them informed with the latest trends in the evolving writing job market worldwide.

There are several amazing features of Writer Job Finder’s website. The soon to be world’s leading source for online writing jobs has categorized the writing jobs and writing services to make it easier for both recruiters and writers to get what they are looking for. Writing jobs and writing services cover all categories ranging from academic writing to ghost writing and legal writing. Users will be able to find literally all kinds of writing jobs that even include songwriting jobs.

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