27, September 2017: For all professional photographers and videographers, Smallrig has a wide variety of camera accessories at affordable prices. The company understands the requirements of every customer and can supply custom-made products, made from high quality materials.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have a variety of products in their portfolio that feature well thought-off designs to meet the professional requirements of photographers and videographers. Besides, they also offer co-design opportunities where one can give his/her inputs in designing products that are still in the designing stage. This helps photographers to get a custom product that can be the best fit for their profession. At the same time, the company’s product designers can understand the actual needs of a photographer or a videographer.

The company recently celebrated its 8th anniversary and reiterated its commitment to supply custom-made and expert quality camera accessories for both professionals and amateurs. All accessories are compatible with major camera brands, providing a seamless performance to the users. One can purchase the Camera cage for DSL camera from the company, which includes NATO rails and the HDMI cable clamp. The spokesperson reveals that the product includes several outstanding features for an individual to use DSL cameras like an expert.

They have recently introduced the Camera Rig and video rig for a DSL camera with DIY options. The rig offers a lot of flexibility and freedom for a photographer to capture images with different settings. The company also supplies the whole camera accessory kits that include various small products for clicking photographs like a professional with a satisfaction. One can learn more about the products they supply by visiting their website

About Smallrig

SmallRig was established in 2007 and has been a leading manufacturer of affordable expert quality camera accessories in China. Smallrig is a total solution partner for the professional filmmakers and videographers. They offer a wide range of camera accessories with a number of products developed by the company’s in-house professionals. They understand clearly the needs of photographers and videographers and customize rigs to suit their requirements. The company’s products include rigs, rails, rods, plates, clamps, adapters, grips, EVF mounts and etc. The company is an international supplier of camera accessories to the major markets, including the USA, Germany, UK, Australia, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Russia, Spain, Japan, Korea, India, Turkey, and other over 30 countries.

For Media Contact:
Company: Smallrig
Phone: 1-86-18610928011

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