21, September 2017: A life of outdoor recreation and adventure is what San Diego is best known for. From the journey''s to be had in the local mountains, to the beach adventures up and down the coast of California, there is a lot to love about living this lifestyle. But there are consequences. Living and playing outdoors can cause skin cancer and premature skin aging. 

We all want to look our best. Also, none of us want to ever get skin cancer (or get old). I suppose that you could hide from the sun and wait to go outside until it is night. Not logical. Now, with Glo on the go's expanded service area San Diego County residents who used to live outside of Glo on the go's service area can now call to schedule mobile tanning services. 

The owner of Glo on the go, Kelli McClean, is excited about her sunless tanning companies expansion. “For nearly a decade I have been working hard to grow Glo on the go into what it is today, a premium mobile sunless tanning service in San Diego. But, market areas do have their limitations and by expanding into these other San Diego Counties we will now be able to serve 5 times as many people that we could before”. 

What this means to Glo on the go's ultimate success is not certain exactly. When we asked Kelli McClean what she expected to get as a result of expanding to these new San Diego County locations she had a very positive outlook; “I expect to see exponential growth of our San Diego sunless tanning service over the next several quarters. If the projections are accurate (which I am confident that they are) my company could potentially be hiring 3-5 new technicians to accommodate the influx of new customers calling us”. 

Glo on the go's new sunless tanning service area covers the following counties; East County, South Bay, Inland Valley's, North County, Beaches, Central and surrounding areas. New customers will receive the same high end sunless spray tanning services that contain superior DHA sunless tanning products and professional service. 

About Glo on the go San Diego: 

If you live in San Diego or surrounding communities Glo on the go San Diego caters to your area. Kelli suggests visiting her companies website or simply by calling her company directly to schedule an appointment. 

For Media Contact:
Company: Glo on the go San Diego
Phone: (619) 206-5921

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