28, September 2017: Here comes the great news that Animiz video presentation software submission on CNET download website has been approved. Now everyone can download this software on for free. It is a new breakthrough for the Animiz software, which means the new beginning for the Animiz video software.

Up to now, we get the performance report from the website that some of the users found the software and download it. It proves that Animiz video presentation software is indeed the useful tool for video editing and publishing. It will be hot in the near future and win more users.

Animiz video presentation software includes three interfaces: starting interface, editing interface and publishing interface. Different from other video presentation software, Animiz makes the video creating easier. First, at the starting interface, Animiz prepared hundreds of online templates for the users to create the animated videos. Just choose one and starting editing. In the editing interface, users can instead the new texts, images and animations of the original one.

To make the video engaging, Animiz enables the users to insert roles, symbols and swf etc. to bring the content to life. It also provides the timeline for the users to set the entrance time, order, effects and arrange the camera. The timeline is the center of the whole video, which makes the ideas to express exactly.

As for the publishing interface, Animiz video presentation software offers three options: publish to cloud, publish as video or gif. The best advantage of publishing to cloud is that the video presentations are available to view at anytime and anywhere. When users choose to publish the project in video format, they can upload it to YouTube and Vimeo video sharing website. The users can customize the GIF’s size, frame rate, alpha channel, and loop playback settings in the advanced options for publishing the project as GIF file.

All in all, Animiz video presentation software is worth trying. For more details, please visit Animiz homepage or download the software at

About Animiz:

Animiz is set up with the excellent designers, engineers and marketers who help to make this video presentation software works effectively. It values the users’ feedback and will reply to every user in 24 hours.

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