16, August 2017: People all around the world, from all walks of life, want to look good at all occasions. Appearance has become a very important factor for people in present times. Long gone are the days when paying attention to one’s appearance was considered a vanity. People have now come to terms with the fact that one’s inert qualities need to go hand in hand with a well turned out appearance. This is why individuals choose to dress differently for different occasions. The mood of various events differs in great degrees. However, clothes and shoes are not the only things that make up an appearance. Accessories are required to complete the look. Sometimes they may also help in accentuating a particular feature of the individual’s look as per the need of the hour.

FashionTIY, Inc is a company that is involved in the supply of fashion accessories and jewelry. It caters to its customers around the world by offering their services through their online portal. They supply the jewelry and accessories to wholesalers, retailers, store owners, importers, etc. Their wide range of accessories includes various kinds of earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, scarves, anklets, hair jewelry, etc.


The company is able to cut down on costs by dealing directly with their customers. Hence, the presence of lesser intermediaries allows them to provide the customers with products at low costs. Being an e-commerce platform,it offers good quality fashion jewelry to even the small dealers. This allows higher sales and higher profit margin. Moreover, their products are always up to date with the latest trends which assures customers that the pendant necklace, ties, belts, etc. supplied by the company are the talk of the town.

FashionTIY, Inc caters to more than 30000 jewelry dealers around the world. They have been able to keep up a good reputation by the help of their quality control team consisting of about 100 professionals with a working experience of 10 years. Furthermore, they provide services such as flexible packaging, fast shipping, flexible orders, updating their products according to latest trends; such as choker necklace, on a weekly basis, factory pricing, intuitive browsing among others. This has contributed in the high level of customer satisfaction enjoyed by those who deal with FashionTIY, Inc.

As a company it is committed to provide quality services to its customers. They ensure that their customers are thoroughly satisfied with their services by offering a range of choices with regard to design, shape, size and color of the piece of accessory or jewelry by providing all the details of their products on their website.

About FashionTIY, Inc:

FashionTIY, Inc presents arrange of professional jewelry and accessories through their online shop. The company caters to customers from various corners of the world. To know more about their products, please visit their website.

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Person Name: Michelle Lee
Company: FashionTIY, Inc.
Phone: 1(302)595-7992

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