30, September 2017: For those looking to eat more healthfully, help is on the way. The Go!Healthing clean eating meal plan - a plan designed to be completed in as little as 28 days - promises to help followers transform both their bodies and health.

Traditionally, diet gurus have focused almost exclusively on the foods to include in the diet, and those to avoid. But the Go!Healthing plan is different. Not only does it provide guidelines on the types of foods that people should eat, but it also offers holistic support, including grocery lists, recipes, tips and tricks for success.

What Is The Healthing Clean Eating Plan?

The diet takes cues from the latest nutrition science research which suggests that humans are adapted to a diet of whole foods, eaten in the state that they occur in nature. The people behind the plan, therefore, would urge that people eat a whole apple over drinking apple juice from concentrate, or consume baked potatoes rather than potato chips.

The Go!Healthing diet is also designed to reduce cravings. A major problem with the Western Diet is that it is high in calories, but often fails to satisfy. The human gut evolved during a time in which the food was high-volume yet calorie-sparse. As a result, people need to fill their guts to feel full, even if doing so provides too many calories. The hope of the Go!Healthing team is that by getting their followers to adopt a whole food diet, they will consume sufficient fiber and water to trigger the sensation of fullness, thus returning them to a more natural feed/fast cycle.

Clean Eating Is More Than Eating Just Whole Foods

Although Go!Healthing says that part of clean eating is consuming a diet comprised of whole foods, it is not the full story. Their research suggests that thanks to man-made toxins in the environment, particular items of produce should also be avoided. Adherents to the diet are urged to avoid the “dirty dozen” which includes celery, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, apples and other fruit and vegetables with a notorious toxic load. At the same time, followers are encouraged to up their intakes of “clean” produce, such as kiwi, eggplant, grapefruit, and avocado.

For those interested in pursuing the diet, the creators have provided a useful, week-by-week meal planner. Recipes include overnight chocolate oats, shrimp pad thai, beef fajita bowl and hummus and veggies.

Help With Groceries

Years of research into diet adherence have discovered that people stick to diets when they fit into their lifestyle habits. Go!Healthing knows this, and so they offer a comprehensive grocery list to help people navigate the superstore over the first few weeks following the dietary change. The list includes information about how often certain items need to be replaced, where to find the healthiest foods, and which foods should be bought in bulk.

To find out more about which foods to eat and avoid, what to buy at the supermarket and healthful recipes, go to the Go!Healthing website at



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