14, September 2017: Whether it is the power station or the typical domestic power supply lines, the humble Transformer plays a pivotal role in the transmission and distribution of electricity among circuits. The transformer manufacturing industry is solely dependent on third party manufacturers for a steady supply of precision engineered machinery and cutting machines such as the 3D unicore cutting machine.

Middle leg core cutting machine is a staple machine in the Transformer manufacturing industry for precision molding, cutting and designing of the middle leg essential parts in transformer. Cangzhou Kenuo machinery is an entity based in China. They offer a vast range of advanced designing/cutting tools and related machinery that caters to the Reactor and Transformer industry.


The company invested heavily in its research and development sector that is responsible for perfecting existing products and also for coming up with breakthrough ideas and concepts. Their most notable product is the Transformer core cutting machine that is capable of precision cutting/molding of sheet metal. The company is based in the Cangzhou Xian province of China. Their manufacturing unit spans over 28771 square meters and has been diligently serving their clients both locally and internationally since their inception in the year 2005.

The company is known for their added emphasis on the implementation of the latest technology in their manufacturing processes. The huge range of industrial machinery available from the company that includes transformer straight cutting machines, transformer parts designing tools, etc. led them to establish a professional rapport with industrial giants like Siemens, Delta, etc. The transformer core cutting machine is capable of cutting V-shaped notches on laminated silicon steel for manufacturing Transformer cores.

The Transformer straight cutting machine is specially designed for fabrication of Reactor and Transformer cores. It is also capable of cutting the cores at right angles and also for laminating the same. All of the machinery is designed in such a way that the workers can operate it with minimum hassle. Most of the machine operations are automated therefore minimizing human intervention and maximizing efficiency. All of the machines are equipped with easy to understand and user-friendly interface. The control panel is pre-programmed with multiple language options that ensure ease of operation. The competitive price range and exceptional built quality of the products ensure that the customer comes back to do business with them. The CRGO cut to length line machine makes the use of advanced PLC control parameters. It is also capable of molding and punching of silicon steel using pre-programmed settings.

About Cangzhou Kenuo International Co.,Ltd

Cangzhou Kenuo International Co.,Ltd is a Chinese firm that fabricates and designs cutting tools and fabrication machinery made with engineering precision. For business related queries and in-depth details on the products offered by the company, feel free to visit their official website.

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