16, September 2017: Illegal alien and Filipino mother, Jubilie Anqui, wrongfully retains an illegal immigrant child, exposing members of the community to imminent danger. How many innocent American will die before President Trump orders the return of an illegal immigrant child to his biological father? 

Jubilie Anqui, an illegal alien living at 5164 E Rio Grande Way, Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005, United States of America and mother to Duke, Sean Schuermann has continued to remain in the United States, where she has forcefully retained and consequently kidnapped her son despite several reports to authorities by Stephan Schuermann, the father of Duke Sean Schuermann. 

Stephan Schuermann, a German citizen, has made several reports to the police, the FBI and even wrote letters to the United States President Donald J. Trump, after Jubilie Anqui continue to forcefully and illegally retain his son in the United States. 

The illegal immigrant has wrongfully retained Duke Sean Schuermann for over two years, since December 2014. This has deprived the boy of the freedom and liberty to return to his country of citizenship, (Germany) an outright United Nations Human Rights Violation supported by criminal United States judges. 

It gets even more pathetic to learn that the father of the son, Stephan Schuermann, has full custody rights for the boy, as no custody order exists. However, a swamp of criminal and unconstitutional judges has clearly violated Federal Immigration Laws by aiding and abetted an illegal immigrant child kidnapper. These judges not only violated their oath of office and the American Constitution, but they go even so far to risk the lives of innocent Americans instead of returning ONE illegal immigrant child to his father. 

The names of these criminal, lawless and corrupt judges are: judge Marry Koch Polson, judge Michael A. Flowers, judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, judge Terrence Ketchel, (Okaloosa County Court, Florida). In addition, there is mentally disturbed judge Richard McKelvie (Utah Court) who all have dubiously supported Jubilie Anqui and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick who works at, consequently aiding and abetting the harboring of two illegal immigrants. 

Jubilie Anqui’s continuous illegal stay in the United States of America coupled with the kidnapping of the young boy further underlines the fact that some unscrupulous elements in the seat of power are sabotaging the U.S. President’s Trump bid of cleaning the society and ensuring that all illegal immigrants are removed from the country. 

On the other hand, this could also be a sign of the United States government’s willingness to letinnocent Americans die at the expense of returning ONE illegal immigrant child to his father? While the case looks dicey, the fact remains that the illegal immigrant child needs to be returned to his father and Jubilie Anqui and her boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick as well as all lawless judges punished for their evil and unconstitutional deeds. 

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