Chicago; Illinois; 23, August 2017: I Heart Keenwah, makers of quinoa snacks and pantry items, announces today that its Toasted Quinoa will be available in the natural rice and grains aisle at more than 900 Kroger-owned stores, one of the largest grocery retailers in the world.The expansion into Kroger more than doubles distribution growth for the item and reflects an increased demand for plant-based protein among mainstream consumers. 

“We’re ecstatic to be partnering with Kroger to bring Toasted Quinoa to a national audience,” stated I Heart Keenwah Co-Founder Ravi Jolly. “Toasted Quinoa is the most traditional and delicious way to enjoy quinoa, and Kroger saw value in that. We’re excited to be partnering with such a large retailer to support our Fair Trade sourcing of quinoa from Bolivian small-holder farmers. Kroger’s customerswill increasingly have the option to support Fair Trade in the quinoa aisle.” 

Starting this month, Toasted Quinoa will begin to roll out in more than 900 select Kroger-owned stores across several states within Kroger’s key banners: Fred Meyer (ID, OR and WA),Ralph’s (CA), King Soopers (CO, UT and WY), Fry’s (AZ), Smiths (UT), and Kroger (TN, AL, GA, MI, OH and SC). The full roll-out is expected to take a few weeks’ time so consumers are encouraged to call ahead to their local store to ensure Toasted Quinoa is in stock. In addition to being 100% Organic heirloom Bolivian Royal Quinoa, Toasted Quinoa is naturally gluten-free, Non-GMO Project verified, and Fair Trade USA certified.Toasted quinoa boasts a significantly nuttier flavor and fluffier texture than regular quinoa due to the traditional toasting process. Quinoa isan ancient grain and a complete source of plant-based protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids.Quinoa is a versatile nutrient-dense ingredient that can be incorporated in both savory and sweet dishes. 

Since launching less than 9 months ago, Toasted Quinoa has also gained distribution in Safeway, Roche Brothers, and Kings Market stores in the Northeast; Whole Foods Markets in the Midwest; and Albertsons and Raley’s in the West. 

About I Heart Keenwah: 

I Heart Keenwah is a quinoa company, dedicated to bringing delicious foods to the market that have health-promoting nutrients. The company cooks up quinoa products with great flavors and simple ingredients, making it easy for you to get quinoa, a superfood, into your day-to-day routine. Ravi Jolly and Sarah Chalos, I Heart Keenwah’s founders, chose quinoa because of its numerous health and nutritional benefits—it’s the only grain that is a complete source of protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids.I Heart Keenwah also maintains a sourcing commitment to Bolivian small-holder farmers of heirloom Royal Quinoa. 

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