31, March 2017: In recent days, PubHTML5 team made great effort to solve the bugs which is reflected by the users. PubHTML5 released the new Windows version 5.4.8 with new fixes and upgrades. This flipbook software is improved with the prefect templates and powerful functions.

PubHTML5 improved the flipbook software to ensure that it can help the users to convert PDF to page flip books smoothly. The new version 5.4.8 fixed the bugs and makes sure this in the following aspect:

* The appearance of the templates has been beautified.
* Now the static ads, slideshows and video list will change after you change the project.
* It works normal to share the flipbook via Facebook.
* The page flip effect is amazing now with no bugs.
* There will not be some white block appearing when flipping pages.
* The zoom bar does in center after resizing.
* Click once and the audio file will play immediately.
* The audio will stop when users flip to another page.
* The audio button is always there to be found.

This flipbook software is developed with an interactive publishing platform. PubHTML5 allows users to upload the flipbook online for free and provides the realistic bookcase to showcase the flipbooks orderly. Importantly, PubHTML5 will provide users the online access statistic to help users analyze the readers’ behavior to better improve the content marketing strategies.

PubHTML5 also allows users to share the online flipbooks on social networks. It can be easily to market the content on social media so that publishers can get reach more target readers. Besides, PubHTML5 is mobile friendly flipbook software which helps to publish the mobile friendly content. In other words, the readers can access the online flipbooks with mobile devices, such as iPhone and iPad. It is indeed a great way to expand the influence on mobile market.

People who are going to know more about PubHTML5 can visit this site: .

About PubHTML5

PubHTML5 provides the flipbook software which enables users to publish interactive magazines, catalogs and brochures etc. online. It is the powerful tool to conduct the content marketing for publishers.

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