Thailand; 09, July 2016: The aim of the company is to increase the awareness of people to the project that seeks to produce ten thousand of bottles for every flavor. In return to the support, each of the supporters will have to obtain local itinerary to travel around Thailand, visit all the good places and experience the unique insights.

As per the distributors and investors, they will enjoy some special prices prior to reserving their first lot. In case that they do not reach their goals, the money will still be used to expand their marketing, distribution and sales all over Thailand. Apart from it, they will still have to continue developing other ranges of bottles in the country.

The healthy fruit juices and herbal drinks are popularly known among the Thai people. And, the company develops and introduces these drinks without any sugar still reserving its refreshing and sweet taste like the old ways. These have still been added with a natural sweetener which is one-hundred percent outsourced from nature.

Dating back in June 2015, these juices and drinks have been started as a homemade business with a strong focus on one flavor. Through positive feedbacks received, the company still continues to meet the expectations of consumers as they have expanded to local supermarkets and local healthy stores all over Thailand.

The concept remains the same of making fruit and herbal juices from all natural ingredients without some sugar and preservatives. There is also no color and flavor added and calories are maintained at the lowest content possible. The drinks produced are intended for elderly, kids and diabetics who are on the sugar watch. The design is made simpler that the colors are directly shown from the natural ingredients.

From attending the previous exhibit in THAIFEX, almost forty international buyers became interested in taking the products on board. However, the main issue is on the shelf life of the products as these could only last for three months. These also mainly require cold storage that limits the selling and distribution process in the markets.

It is expected that more people will be interested in supporting the projects that gives them the courage and motivation to keep on developing better products in the future.

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