Houston, Texas; 17, October 2017: For pet owners in the Northwest Houston Community, Crossroads Animal Clinic has the reputation and capability of offering the full range of pet care, including preventive care, surgical treatments and boarding facilities. The clinic is well equipped with advanced equipments and has a team experienced staff to take care of all types of pets that Houston residents keep at home.

The spokesperson of the Crossroads Animal Clinic Houston reveals that they are open five days a week and one can schedule an appointment online by filling up a simple form. One can book an appointment with two experienced and highly reputed veterinarians of the clinic, DR. Kelly McIntyre and DR. Julie McInnis. Both of them are highly qualified to offer a perfect treatment or care to different pets at their clinic in Houston. Besides, the clinic has a number of vet technicians who all are passionate about pets and are committed to offer the love, care and help that pets may need.

According to Dr. Kelly, at the Crossroads Pet Clinic, they understand the need of the preventive pet care and have state of the art facilities for pet at their clinic. “We conduct in-house laboratory tests on pets to assess problems like heartworm, intestinal worms, urinary infections, etc. We also do blood screening and diagnostic blood tests to find out if the pet has any kind of serious disease or not,” she states. Besides, the clinic can offer regular vaccination services to help protect pets from infectious diseases.

The Crossroads Animal Clinic Houston is equipped with all necessary surgical equipments to perform both routine and non-routine surgeries for pets. Dr. Julie reveals that they offer several types of surgical procedures on a routine basis, which include dental cleaning, declaw for cats, spay and neuter. Besides, they can also offer advanced surgeries, such as growth removal, eyelid surgeries and splenectomies.

To know more about the clinic and its services or for booking an appointment with the vets of the clinic, one can visit the website

About Crossroads Animal Clinic:

Crossroads Animal Clinic is a small animal veterinary hospital nestled in the heart of northwest Houston. The Clinic is conveniently located and offers a beautiful, award-winning facility, a team of caring compassionate pet lovers and a welcoming atmosphere for all pets and their owners. The clinic offers friendly and professional services to ensure a perfect pet healthcare in Houston.

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Company: Crossroads Animal Clinic
Telephone: 281-859-3050

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