20, November 2017: For all fans of Bollywood music, there is a one mobile app that allows them to enjoy the Hindi song lyrics, no matter whether they are online and offline. Yes, that’s true! This is a unique mobile app for the Android device users, which they can download for free from the Google Play. They are soon going to launch app for iOS and Windows phone users as well.

With their resourceful website and the mobile application, bollywood lyrics allows all music lovers to read the lyrics of the latest Hindi movie songs anytime and anywhere. According to the spokesperson of the website, they have an extensive collection of Bollywood song lyrics and they keep updating it almost on a daily basis. One can search for song lyrics on the basis of the movies, singers, lyricists and musicians. Besides, they also have categorized lyrics that feature different actors and actresses. Music enthusiasts can also go to the Labels section to find the complete list of Hindi music record labels, and check the song lyrics under different labels.

The spokesperson maintains that the website and the mobile app have been developed for all music enthusiasts to get the correct lyrics of their favorite Hindi movie songs. All lyrics are for educational purposes and the personal use of the users only, and they can also suggest corrections in any lyrics, if they find any. The website offers a fast browsing experience, for a user to quickly find and read lyrics of a Bollywood song.

According to the spokesperson, their mobile app is also very fast and offers a smooth browsing experience. When in the offline mode, no advertisements are displayed, and one can read lyrics without any interference. One can play the music and also can smoothly scroll down to read the complete lyrics without any trouble. The app also updates the users about the new lyrics added, when in the online mode. It can also set in the night mode to read the lyrics in the dark and which also doesn’t affect eyes of a reader.

To know more about the bollywood lyrics app and to download it, one can visit the website

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Bollywood Lyrics is a website, designed for the Bollywood music lovers. The website offers lyrics from the latest Hindi movies. They also have a mobile app for Hindi song lovers to check the lyrics of their favorite songs while on the go.

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