Austin, Texas; 09, October 2017: Itamar Enterprises of Austin Texas has received the exclusive privilege to operate on military bases across the United States. This unique privilege allows licensees of their ice cream trucks to operate their trucks on military bases. Military bases are known to have events all year round and draw huge crowds to ice cream trucks.

In a recent press conference Itamar Tsubery the owner of Itamar Enterprises said that the permission his business has received to operate on military bases is expected to draw a broader potential buyer to his ice cream food truck business/license opportunity. Mr. Tsubery, who has been in the ice cream truck manufacturing business for over 2 decades, also stated that his “winning formula” is the culmination of years of market experience and development.

“This is by far our best ice cream food truck yet. With this truck the buyer will receive roof mounted solar panels to operate the food equipment inside of the truck. This includes; nacho machine, refrigeration, shaved ice and several other optional add-ons. With all of these unique features, this new permission to operate on military bases is the winning formula. Our trucks currently operating on military bases see $1000 days on a fairly consistent bases. Of course some days are better than others, but overall these trucks outperform any of our past trucks.” Mr. Tsubery said in the press conference last Tuesday.

While the unique benefits of Itamar Enterprises food trucks are very desirable the extraordinary return on investment is what Mr. Tsubery is counting on to make his ice cream food trucks more competitive in the marketplace.

“These trucks are proven cash machines. I know that when I look at the local military bases calendar and there is an event I will potentially make $1000+ that day. The money is good. And I am extending my success in a unique license agreement where the purchaser of the new truck will be able to count on our brand and success on military bases in the United States” Mr. Tsubery said.

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Itamar Enterprises is a medium sized ice cream truck food manufacturing business located in the State of Texas. Their company ships food trucks worldwide. Interested parties are urged to visit their website

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