06, October 2017: Providing a unique 360° perspective of an area, eliminating blind spots, our portable surveillance cameras can reach the height of a sixteen-storey building. They are available for hire throughout the UK and with a setup time of just 45 minutes can quickly respond to a range of scenarios.

Controlled and operated from the Eye in the Sky support vehicle by our fully trained and licensed security officers, the eye in the sky can assist in the prevention, reduction and recording of incidents. Particularly valuable when monitoring the movement of people at large gatherings and events, guiding support staff to respond to any incidents.

The Eye in the Sky Portable Masts also offer a high-profile advertising space and with add-ons such as lighting, additional cameras and a public announcement system, the portable security solution can solve several key issues.

Popular in scenarios where the key focus is moving regularly or there is only a short-term requirement, the Eye in the Sky is a flexible solution. Industries such as Rail & Construction where a fixed mast is not appropriate through to supporting Police and Security responses to antisocial behaviour and festivals where large groups are congregated.

Our custom-built Eye in the Sky product uses sophisticated CCTV and security technology alongside fully trained security professionals to ensure an effective pro-active response to any incident.

Providing a unique perspective to our clients, the Portable Security CCTV masts offer an unobstructed view in the most challenging of environments.

Additional information about the new product can be found on the company website. Alternatively, The Security Network can be contacted directly, using the following information.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Adam Moody
Company: The Security Network
Address: Far'n'Beyond, 2175 Century Way, Thorpe Park,
Leeds, LS15 8ZB UK

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