Guangzhou, Guangdong, China; 13, October 2017: Proficient City now brings an enhanced gaming experience for all online gamers with their more capable gaming server for their popular Dragon Awaken browser based RPG. Anyone can now enjoy the game from anywhere in the world and can rest assured of a quick access to the gaming interface. 

According to the spokesperson of the gaming company, scores of gamers worldwide are now playing this thrilling game, and Proficient City is committed to provide the best gaming experience to each player. This is the reason why they keep upgrading their server capabilities from time to time. Besides, they also update gamers about all feature additions and enhancements, so that they can enjoy the game with the full satisfaction. The spokesperson reveals that one can find the gaming guide on the Dragon Awaken Site Oficial and can learn to play the game like a pro. 

The gaming guide will prove helpful for both new and experienced gamers, and they can upgrade their knowledge and skills to score better in the game. The spokesperson maintains that it’s a browser based game without any download and this is the reason why the Dragon Awaken Download Gratis should be exceedingly fast. With this fast gratis, one can now enjoy the game from anywhere in the world and can be the part of an exciting fantasy world that is full of stunning characters. The game’s storyline creates a frightening milieu for an adventurous experience that every gamer will appreciate. 

The spokesperson reveals that the game is scaling up very fast among the worldwide gaming community and Proficient City will keep on adding new features and capabilities to meet the gaming needs of the modern online gamers. With HD graphics and innovatively built up gaming characters, the game is meant to offer a thrilling and chilling experience to every player. To know more about the game and to start playing it without any download, one can visit the website

About Dragon Awaken: 

Dragon Awaken is a thrilling browser RPG with no downloads. The game is built around character growth and dungeon exploration. In the game, one can upgrade the character and participate in lots of different dungeons: escape from the enemies, defeat the army, hunt your target, and so on. The game features several fantasy features like Knights, Dragons, monster seizing, Lordships, etc. and tries to recreate a high fantasy environment. 

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