Chengdu, Sichuan, China; 14, December 2017: Today, computers are data warehouses and the corruption of a computer’s hard drive often means a lot of data are at risk. People who don’t want to lose the data stored in their computers and laptops due to the corrupted hard drives should take the help of a professional data recovery tool. Dolphin Data Lab has now released an advanced data recovery tool that is capable of recovering data from busy undetected hard drives. 

According to the spokesperson of the company, “In the cases of undetected hard drives, firmware area of the hard drive is not accessible, and our new tool is one of the rare data recovery toolsthat can efficiently restore data from an undetected hard drive with firmware corruption. There could be other reasons, like the failure of the PCB or ROM, behind an undetected hard drive, and this tool can prove effective in recovering data in all cases.” 

The spokesperson reveals that using their data recovery tool, users can evade the firmware read for an effective busy HDD recovery. One can also edit the ROM in the safe mode and use this powerful recovery tool to recover data. There are other methods too, which one can use to detect the hard drive for the recovery of the data. Speaking about the powerful features of this data recovery tool, the spokesperson maintains that one will be able to recover data in most of the cases of busy or undetected hard drives. However, in cases of hard drive failures due to missing original PCB, a user needs to use advanced skills to recover the data from the hard drive. 

Dolphin’s data recovery tool is also helpful in cases of hard drive failures due to head failure or the damage of other physical components. The tool has been designed to ensure an efficient undetected HDD recovery for hard drives from different brands. One can follow the step by step process to recover data and can change the damaged component in order to hard drive to keep working again. 

One can learn more about the data recovery tool and its features by visiting the link 

About Dolphin Data Lab: 

Dolphin Data Lab is one of the world’s leading data recovery tool manufacturers and suppliers, offering complete data recovery solutions, training courses and tools for people who are going to start a data recovery business, grow data recovery capabilities and set up in-house data recovery center. 

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